Planning A Road Trip Ideas
And Tips For Enjoying
Your Driving Adventure Holiday

Planning a road trip journey is the best way to really experience the scenic views, to enjoy spontaneous road trip adventures and find exciting experiences. You can stop along the way, appreciate where you are and photograph the stunning views.

Then after a big day on the road you can relax, enjoy a great meal and the local nightlife.

If you are camping that could be gazing at the night sky and listening to wildlife.

You could consider planning a road trip driving along the coast and then be lucky enough to see whales or dolphins cruising by or drive through a beautiful rainforest that has been there for millions of years.

Where To Go

There are many possibilities for where to drive on your road trip holiday.

These road trip ideas and tips will get you started on planning your own road trip adventure. Start with these planning questions first.

  • How many people and vehicles are going?
  • What type of vehicle eg. standard car, 4WD, car and caravan, campervan or motorhome etc?
  • How long do you and others have available to travel?

If other travellers going with you can't get away for the same length of time, plan to meet them along the way. eg. You may have 6 weeks and they have 3 weeks - work out where to meet them or you all leave together and they will go home sooner than you.

Your road trip can be planned in several ways, you may just want the basics planned or you may like to have every day organised with where you will be and what you are going to do.

Every traveller has different wants, needs and different expectations when they are planning a road trip.

Your Travel Australia Road Trip will be more organised when you have created an itinerary which is an essential part of planning a road trip.

An itinerary is a plan of your holiday including dates, accommodation, destinations, flights and any booking & contact details.

Use good quality maps and guides to plan your road trip, either a map book, fold out map, a GPS or online mapping tools and directories.

Depending on how detailed or long your trip is, get as much detail as you can about the destinations, attractions and experiences that you would like to see or stay at along the way.

When you are deciding on your road trip destinations everyone going needs to be interested and excited about the road trip journey. You may find planning a road trip will be easy or it may take a few weeks or a month to decide the final road trip itinerary and plans.

Make sure everyone is happy with the itinerary. You don't want anyone bored after the first 2 days or whining that they aren't going where they wanted to go. If that happens everyone else will be wishing that person had stayed at home or...

Who Are You Travelling With

One very important part of planning a road trip successfully is knowing who you are travelling with well enough that they are not going to annoy everybody. By wanting to do the opposite thing every time you are trying to plan activities or have some really annoying habit etc.

Great companionship is what you need when you are travelling with several people constantly.
Travelling with your family or people who have the same interests
as you is usually the best option.

If you are travelling with several families or groups make some casual ground rules before you start, that everyone has to agree with. Usually these are mostly common sense and safety issues. One rule that we make when travelling with other families is...

  • When and if we all don't want to visit the same attraction etc, any family or person can say they don't want to go, so then everyone is happy. Rather than every family or person feeling like have to go to every attraction, every shop, go on every nature walk, go in every tourist shop etc.
  • For Example - One family may want to stay at camp, one goes shopping and the other family goes for a drive.
  • When we have travelled with one or two other families we found that most times everyone was happy to go to most of the attractions together. It was only occasionally that we did different things for part of a day. Sometimes it is good to do your own thing for a few hours, which could be anything from relaxing to doing an extreme sport you have always wanted to do.

planning a road trip driving in outback australia with caravan

Exploring and Driving through Australia's Outback

"Australia's outback is full of adventure where ever you travel, some of these ideas could be included when you are planning a road trip. You can drive along gravel roads to small outback towns like Birdsville and Innamincka, stay at a cattle station and learn how to round up stock and crack a whip. Visit the very unique town of Silverton and nearby Broken Hill which is a mixture of mining, art and so much more.

Search for opals and play golf on a very Outback style golf course at Coober Pedy, climb or walk around Uluru and do the 'Valley of the Winds' Walk at the Olgas, in Alice Springs you can ride a camel along the Todd River, enjoy a hot air balloon ride, learn how to use a didgeridoo or go for a safari ride on quad bikes through the local bush."

Don't Rush Your Road Trip

Don't make your road trip a race across the country, it is far better to explore a small area well and enjoy it. Instead of seeing towns flash by because you have to be at your end destination in 2 days.

Plan lots of sight seeing and adventures along the way on your road trip, make it a special holiday to remember for all the best, funny, unique and interesting things that happened.

Take your time and see where ever you are properly, it is not worth bragging about how you drove across Australia in 7 days and didn't get to actually enjoy any of the scenery, attractions and experiences.

Checklist For Planning A Road Trip

When you are planning a road trip it helps if you have a checklist to remind you what you need to do.

  • A 'must do' list before you leave home eg. pay bills, have someone check your house while you are away, stop the mail and paper delivery, have your vehicle checked etc.
  • Have a checklist for everything you need to take with you, food, clothes, bedding, documents, travel guides, maps etc.
  • A 'last minute' checklist is handy also, for those very last minute things you must do or take with you before you leave home.

planning a road trip in australia 4wd driving on fraser island beach

Four wheel driving on Fraser Islands's beach in Queensland

"Australia has many places and destinations where you can go four wheel driving, Fraser island is certainly a 4WD challenge as a lot of driving is on sand or very rough inland tracks. The Simpson desert is a great trek with many sand dunes to conquer, the Victorian High Country is where you will do some challenging four wheel driving and see spectaular mountain ranges and the famous Craig's hut and many others.

The Gibb River Road in the Kimberley is a tough but very rewarding trek, occassionally you get to enjoy a refreshing dip in a beautiful gorge or pool. Cape York in the 'Top End' is famous for 4 wheel drive adventures like the Telegraph Track and many stunning locations and views. Any of these locations are perfect for a four wheel drive adventure when you are planning a road trip in Australia."

Road Trip Safety - Prepare And Be Safe

Remember everyone wants to keep healthy and well so they can enjoy the holiday. Eat healthier food most of the time.

Take any prescribed medication when required - it is easy to forget medications when you are busy and not at home in your usual surroundings. Take care when driving and when doing activities for everyones enjoyment and safety.

  • Pack a first aid kit and medications that maybe required along the way, hopefully for only minor incidents.
  • If you are planning a road trip in remote areas like the outback make sure you are better prepared than if you were travelling near cities/towns. eg. Take extra water, food and be sure you can communicate for help if necessary.
  • Mobile phones generally only work in populated areas, so in some parts of Central Australia and other remote areas consider hiring a satellite phone.
  • While you are planning a road trip and before you leave home make sure your vehicle has been recently serviced and is mechanically sound and ready for its journey.
  • Having roadside care from an Automobile Club like the covers you for assistance anywhere in Australia. This can be a great help if you get stuck a long way from home - Several times we have seen vehicles stranded and needing to be trucked back to the travellers home town for repairs.

    The last seriously broken down vehicle we came across was in Birdsville in Outback Queensland - a long way from home.

  • If you are towing a trailer, camper or caravan make sure everything possible is checked and working as it should be. If you are driving long distances do safety checks occasionally as recommended by your vehicles mechanic or service manual.
  • If you are towing make sure the towbar on your vehicle is not exceeding its maximum load capacity. In other words don't tow a huge caravan with a towbar suitable for a small trailer. If in doubt have it checked where you bought the caravan or where towbars are sold.

Driving Long Distances

Be aware of your driving limitations, some people can drive all day and some can't - all drivers must have a break at least every 1 or 2 hours. This gives the driver a break and everyone else in the vehicle as well.

  • Avoid city traffic at peak times if possible or go around the outskirts of the city. You may see some interesting places along the way.
  • Try to leave from your accommodation as early as you can, so you can arrive at your next destination about mid afternoon. This gives you time to find accommodation, setup and relax for an hour or two before the next meal.
  • If you are camping you don't want to be fumbling around in the dark finding a campsite then trying to setup, with the other campers watching you for amusement. Get there before dark.
  • You can use this time to review your itinerary and plan the next few days of driving or activities and find out what everyone is interested in doing.

Where ever planning a road trip takes you, it will be exciting and adventurous and a road trip to remember, make sure to take plenty of photos and video.

For some excellent destination ideas from Tourism Australia called 'There is Nothing like Australia'

It has the best destinations and excuses to escape the normality of home life and enjoy the freedom of the open road.

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