Tips For Renting a Car in Australia 

So you have planned an Australian holiday? That’s great!

One thing you should know is that renting, or hiring a car or vehicle is very popular for holiday travel here in the Land Down Under.

There are so many different terrains and climates through the country that you might even switch out rental vehicles depending on your holiday itinerary.

You might need different vehicles for the dry deserts of the outback, the varied terrains and dirt or gravel roads, mountains, rainforest, or beaches.

One thing’s for sure, you can consult with a Budget car rental agent and they will help you determine what type of vehicle will be best for your trip.

If you do switch out different vehicles at different locations, ask the car rental agents about must see places or things to do as well as local driving tips and safety instructions.

After all, our car rental agents are locals too and can give you some of the best insider advice on travel.

In addition to asking for tips and advice, here are 10 rules to follow for renting a car and driving around Australia on holiday:

1. Ask for a safety check on your rental car. Before departing the car hire location, you should ask for a safety check on the vehicle you have rented. Be sure that the brakes, fuel gauge, and lights are in working order.

2. We drive on the left side of the road. In case you didn’t know, and if you are coming from out of the country, you should know that we drive on the left side and the wheel is on the right side of the car. Familiarize yourself with your newly rented car so that you can adjust and adapt to the left side while also knowing where all of the nobs, gear shifts, and buttons are.

3. Be aware of your surroundings at all times. Pay close attention to what is around you. This will help prevent you from getting lost and also help keep you safe.

4. Keep your passports on your person, not in luggage. There are special belts, fanny bags, and other passport holders that keep your passport on your person. You should utilize this type of passport carrier and also keep another form of ID, credit cards, and cash in it too. If you bags or luggage gets lost or stolen, you will still have the most important documents and money you need.

Camel parade on Cable Beach Broome - Western Australia

5. Carry a map, itinerary, and GPS with you at all times. Plan your itinerary in advance and stick to the plan. Let someone know where you are headed, even if it is just the car rental agent. They will be able to report your whereabouts if your car is not returned on time.

6. Bring extra fuel (petrol), water, and emergency supplies with you. Especially if you are heading into remote territory like the Outback, the Northern Territory, or the Kimberley of Western Australia, bring supplies, carefully plan your trip, and take plenty of water, extra fuel and emergency supplies. Your emergency supplies should include a first aid kit and high protein, non-perishable food. If you have a satellite phone, that is one of your best safety aids.

7. Familiarize yourself with your destinations online. Before you set out to travel, check for tips about your destination online before you travel. This will give you a really great idea of where you are going and what to expect. You can even plan out restaurants, tours, and charters in advance.

8. Be smart about the strong Australian Sun. Whether it is summer or winter, sunscreen is a necessity in Australia. SPF 30+ is recommended and should be reapplied several times throughout each day. Being sun smart also includes hats and other protective gear to keep you in the shade.

9. Check the weather in advance and daily. Be sure to learn about the weather in the region you are travelling to. There are many locations where it is very hot during the day but temperatures drop at night. Some areas might have bush fire warnings while others might have flood warnings. Keep on top of the weather by checking on alerts in advance and the day before you travel..

10. Get Travelers’ or Car Rental Insurance.Even the most prepared travelers need to be ready for the unexpected. Travelers’insurance or extra car rental insurance is a great safety net to have in case anything goes wrong. With insurance, you can be reimbursed for losses and plan a vacation another time.

Australian holidays are one of the greatest adventures on the planet. Be prepared when you rent a vehicle for your Aussie holiday. The right vehicle for your road trip or itinerary is vital to the safety and fun of your trip. Keep up with travel advisories that might affect your holiday and you will be able to make the most of it.

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