Tour Australia with these Atlases and Road Maps of Australia

When you are planning your road trip, atlases and road maps of Australia are really useful to help you plan your trip and holiday. The maps also show you the way to your destinations and to any attractions and accommodation.

Having an atlas or road map with you is a must so you can work out the next days travels, where you can stop during the day or at night.

Working out distances is also very important so you know how far you can travel in a day or for the next week. Sometimes you may have a destination to get to on a set day, using an atlas or road maps you will be able to work your average distance you will need to travel each day.

All of these books below are excellent examples of atlases and road maps of Australia and each has a different purpose.

I have purchased each of these books and I have written the description from actually reading, holding and experiencing each book, so I know each book is of excellent quality.

There are many book stores on the internet and I have chosen three that have competitive prices and have the best variety. I have explained it further on this online book stores page. Below each book description there are website links to the online store or website.

Atlas and Road Maps of Australia with 4WD Maps

australia travel book

A Road Atlas with road maps of Australia along with travel destination guides are your most valuable and useful resource. They are a 'must have' book when you are travelling. They help you plan your holiday and road trip, then they show you the way every day on the road.

As usual Hema have created another excellent quality road atlas which also include four wheel drive maps.

The front cover opens up to be a map of Australia showing all the sections of the maps included. All the National Parks are listed with easy reference symbols.

The maps are very clear, easy to read and cover everywhere in Australia, the 4 wheel drive maps cover 8 areas like the Top End, Central Australia, Flinders Ranges and more.
Recommended Retail Price $41.99
More Information at Fishpond - Travel Universe - Book Depository

Explore Australia

australia travel book

Explore Australia by Caravan and Motorhome book is quite unique and exciting, every main highway is described in sections and in excellent detail. Each section of the highway is laid out on a double page.

The first chapter is about Highway One (Around Australia) which is in 60 sections, the 2nd chapter covers highways that go north-south like the Nullabor.

The 3rd chapter covers highways that travel north-south like the Stuart Highway, the 4th chapter is all about Tasmania highways and the 5th chapter is about organising your road trips.

Also included is a directory for free, road maps of Australia, and low cost campsites and dog friendly campsites.
Recommended Retail Price $49.95
More Information at Fishpond - Travel Universe

The Australian Recreational Atlas

australia travel book

Thirteen different types of recreational activities are featured in this atlas which include natural wonders, beaches, camping, attractions, National Parks, hiking and walking, 4WD tours, fishing, golf courses, skiing, wildlife watching, historic sites and wine regions.

Most of the above 'recreations' has four pages of listings of the most popular and interesting places for each catergory. For example the 'Natural Wonders' section has the Jenolan Caves, Wilpena Pound and many more. The places are also listed by state or territory.

Each place has a description and a map reference so you can easily find it in the 'road maps of Australia' section.

A symbol for each 'type of recreation' is displayed on the map where the attraction etc. is located. The symbol for an attraction is a camera, the symbol for a campsite is a tent etc.

There is an overall map of Australia, distance charts, 120 pages of road maps of Australia and an index, the cover is durable plastic coated paperback with spiral binding which is hidden by the front cover.
Recommended Retail Price $32.99
More Information at Fishpond - Travel Universe

Camps Australia Wide

australia travel book

Camps Australia Wide books are the ultimate guide for anyone looking for free or cheap accommodation sites. Excellent for all campers whether you are tenting, have a motorhome or caravan etc.

Each state or territory section has road maps followed by the lists of rest areas, holiday, caravan or tourist parks, hotels, roadhouses, picnic areas and anywhere else that is suitable for a short or overnight stop.

Each section is colour coded and a comprehensive index is included for easy reference to the page you need. Camps Australia Wide books are one of the many travel destination guides available that are of exceptional quality.
Recommended Retail Price $55.95
More Information at Fishpond - Travel Universe - Book Depository

Back Roads Australia - Travel Destination Guides

australia travel book

Enjoy many Australian scenic drives with these twenty two short tours of Australia's best countryside. The 'Back Roads' book is a compact size slightly larger than a novel packed full of self drive tours. It is full of colour images on high quality glossy paper.

Each trip is described with a road maps of Australia and directions that of course takes you the backway through all the interesting places and attractions.

A few examples are crossing the Nullabor, Melbourne to Castlemaine, Hobart to Port Arthur, Mission Beach to the Daintree. Each section shows you the local attractions and all the other essential details so you can really embrace and enjoy these country towns, roads and scenic views.
Recommended Retail Price $34.95
More Information at Fishpond - Travel Universe - Book Depository

Australian Touring Atlas from Explore Australia

australia travel book

The Australian Touring Atlas is the perfect example of an easy to use road maps of Australia book, it is a large format book with easy to read maps and details. The book has just over one hundred pages so it is not bulky or heavy and has a durable plastic coated paperback cover.

Thirteen different inter city route maps (eg. Sydney to Melbourne) with a full page for each one are described with the distance, travel time, a strip map and each main town you would drive through has visitor information, attractions etc.

Then each state or territory has a section where detailed roads maps are provided. Each section starts with an overall map of each state or territory, then a detailed road map of the capital city followed by the rest of the maps.

A comprehensive index is included, each set of maps are colour tabbed, the maps are easy to read and use, many symbols are used throughout the book, also included are over one thousand recommended rest areas.
Recommended Retail Price is $19.99
More Information at Fishpond - Travel Universe - Book Depository

Highway One - Travel Companion

australia travel book

If you drove all the way around Australia on Highway One you would travel about 15,000 kilometres and you would have missed hundreds or thousands of opportunities of seeing many beautiful interesting and historic country towns, attractions and experiences because you did not know they were there.

David Taylor has recently released the first volume of a series of 5 books which is about travelling from Melbourne in Victoria to Tweed Heads in New South Wales.

This very detailed guide lets you discover and explore all the bypassed towns and attractions, the book has excellent maps for each section and is very descriptive with hand drawn illustrations to enhance your journey.
Recommended Retail Price $29.95 - Includes postage in Australia
More Information at Highway One

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