Main Traffic And Road Rules In Australia For Your Next Adventure Road Trip

Learning the road rules in Australia and then driving in Australia is an awesome experience that everyone could experience at some stage in their life.

The road rules are similar in the six states and two territories in Australia.

The following road rules in Australia provide the information you need to help you understand the main traffic rules.

  • Keep Left - Australian's drive on the left side of the road unless overtaking or turning right.
  • Long Distances - Australia is a huge country so you maybe driving long distances between cities and states. This driving guide gives a few examples of how far it is to travel.

    Also this distance chart at shows the kilometres and approximate hours of driving between towns or cities.

  • road rules in australia driving road trip

  • Driving Licence - An international visitor may drive in Australia with a valid overseas driver's licence. If your licence is not in english you must carry the original and a translated version in english.
  • Speed Limit - The road rules in Australia require all drivers not to exceed the maximum speed limit in cities and towns.

    Which is 60 kilometres per hour (35 mph) or 50 kilometres per hour in residential areas. On main roads and highways the speed limit is usually 100 kilometres per hour (80 mph).

    On freeways the speed limit is usually 110 kilometres per hour. Do not drive faster than the speed signs indicate and slow down when it is raining, foggy or hard to see.

  • road rules in australia driving road trip

  • Traffic At Roundabouts - All roundabout traffic must proceed in a clockwise direction. A vehicle already on a roundabout has right of way over any vehicles entering.
  • Take Care - Special care is required when travelling near schools, train crossings, pedestrian crossings and all intersections.
  • Speed Cameras - The Police use radar speed cameras to check vehicles for going to fast and over the speed limit in that area. You will be fined if caught speeding.
  • road rules in australia driving road trip

  • Overtaking - On the freeway and highways where there is double lanes for each direction of traffic. All vehicles should stay in the left lane unless overtaking slower vehicles.

    Trams operate in the cities of Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide must be over taken on the left side of the trams.

    On a road with a blind curve, crest or rise in the road where you cannot see oncoming traffic it is strictly prohibited and dangerous to drive in the middle of the road, keep to the left always.

  • Safety Belts and Child Restraints - Seat belts and child restraints must be used in both front and rear seated vehicles.

    Drivers are liable if a passenger is not wearing a seat belt. Child restraints must be used where passengers are too small to make use of regular seat belts.

  • Drink Driving Rules - Experienced drivers cannot exceed the blood alcohol level of 0.05 at anytime.

These road rules in Australia tips are a great start for planning for a road trip or a driving holiday is exciting. There is so much to see like theme parks, beaches, Uluru and other experiences.

Using road trip planner tools will get you ready for your road trip adventure. Knowing where to begin can be a problem sometimes.

Start with the basics - Who is going, What vehicle, How long do you have to travel - then you can work out where you are going.

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