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This essential road trip planner information provides you with the travel tools and tips for planning a road trip adventure. Australia has many recognised road trips that are interesting and beautiful scenic drives, the Great Ocean Road in Victoria is the most famous and very popular with the locals and overseas visitors.

There is also the 'Explorers Way' which is a great adventure drive from the south to the north travelling from Port Augusta near Adelaide through Alice Springs in Central Australia to Darwin.

The 'Savannah Way' is even more of an adventure, on this road trip you travel across the top of Australia from Broome in the west to Cairns in Tropical North Queensland. Using these travel planner tools and tips will help you plan your own road trip to where ever you would like to travel in Australia.

You need a key to start your car, you can use these tools and tips as the key to starting and planning your road trip. When you are driving across Australia or along the coast you will be amazed by the variety of stunning and unique scenery.

While you are travelling you can enjoy amazing tourist attractions, events and fun things to do in Australia.

These road trip planner ideas and tips will help you start planning your journey.

Usually the longer the trip the more planning you will need to do, but that can vary for different travellers.

Each of these options below are suggestions of how long it takes to travel for these journeys. The longer you can travel the more you are going to see, experience and enjoy.

  • A road trip along the Great Ocean Road in Victoria can take a couple days to a week or two. This road trip planner guide to the Great Ocean Road gives you an excellent description of the towns, attractions, events, accommodation that you can discover slong the way.
  • A drive from Southern Australia to Northern Australia can take a week, several weeks or a month. This road trip is called the 'Explorers Way' This road trip planner will show you the way.
  • The Savannah Way is a very adventourous road trip from Broome in the West to Cairns in the East all the way across the Top End of Australia. It is a 3700 kilometre road trip that you can do in sections or all of it which you may need to allow at least a month or more. This road trip planner of the 'Savannah Way' will show you much more about this adventure road
  • To drive around Australia can take minimum of 6 months for a basic trip. This will allow you to see the main attractions and destinations.
  • An extreme drive around and across Australia can take 8 months or much more, some travellers keep driving they love the lifestyle so much.

road trip planner on australia country bush drive

While driving in Australia you may travel on many different types of roads like the scenic winding country road above or the very straight open highway in many parts of Australia.

road trip planner open road highway driving australia

Plan A Road Trip

Getting organised for a driving holiday is exciting, there is so much to see, do and experience. Using these road trip planner tools and planning guide will get you ready for your road trip adventure. Knowing where to begin can be a problem.

These Planning A Road Trip suggestions and road trip ideas and tips will get you started.

  • Start with the basics - Who is going, what vehicle, how long do you have to travel - then you can work out where you are going.
  • Start working on your destinations and route that will suit everybody and the type of vehicle or vehicles you are taking eg. 4WD, sedan, campervan etc.
  • This distance chart gives you an idea how many kilometres and how many hours of driving between major cities in Australia.
  • For more information and a guide to length of time to travel each state or territory have a look at this Australia Road Trip Distances, Directions and Destinations Guide.

  • Make a checklist for a road trip that suits where you are going, consider the weather conditions, what accommodation you are staying in, will you be cooking most meals or buying meals, are kids or pets going etc. - eg. clothes, food, vehicle tools, safety equipment, books & toys, car fridge, camping equipment etc.
  • Decide what type of accommodation - are you camping mostly or staying in cabins, motels etc.
  • Travelmate will assist you find accommodation, car hire, tours, attractions and also has very helpful travel Australia information.

  • The most important thing is to have fun, enjoy the beautiful scenery and experiences. So allow plenty of spare time - don't organize every minute!

Budget Car Hire In Australia

Australia is a huge country that is best explored by driving it any way you choose - car, camper, motorhome, motorbike etc.

There is a never ending list of places to see like the Red Centre, the Great Ocean Road, the far tropics of North Queensland, the Snowy Mountains, the Kimberley and the beautiful State of Tasmania and so much more.

Extra care must be taken when you are driving on any Australian roads especially in the more remote areas and when 4 wheel driving. These holiday travel safety tips will give you some ideas and suggestions to help you have a safer driving holiday. Also using road trip planner tools like maps and distance calculators are essential.

When you are planning your road trip you may find it more convenient to hire a car, camper or motorhome. 'Driveaway Holidays' offer very reasonable rates with top quality vehicle companies like Avis, Budget, Hertz, Europcar and more.

Motorhome companies include, Apollo, Britz, Hippie Camper, Cheapa Camper, Maui and more.

Online Road Trip Planner

Using road trip planner tools like maps and a fuel calculator are essential when you plan a road trip and your adventure travel holidays. First you need to work out where you plan to travel. Once you have your initial plans you can use this distance and fuel calculation tools at

You can use the above road trip planner tool to see estimated fuel costs for various distances and plan your road trip ideas based on your starting and finish point and how far and how long you want to travel.

  • You can be flexible with your itinerary, don't have every minute organised. Make your plans fairly simple depending on your situation.
  • Road trips are meant to be fun, wonderful unexpected things will happen. So don't let your plans turn into a race around the country, be realistic with how far you can travel.
  • If you have a date you must return home by, review your plans each week if necessary so you can return by the due date.

A road trip adventure is a great way to see Australia up close. When you have done your road trip planning you may find this road trip driving guide useful.

When you are prepared and ready for your Aussie adventure road trip, it will be a great life experience.

You will enjoy your best ever road trip
and want to go again and again!

road trip planner free bush camping in australia

Camping in tents is a great way to travel Australia on a budget

"Tenting also gives you more flexibility in where you can camp and you will be able to find some really interesting places to stop for the night especially if you have a 4 wheel drive vehicle.

Having a campfire and cooking your meals, toasting marshmallows and watching the millions of stars sparkling is great fun."

Road Trip Budget Tips And Ideas

Cheap road trips are possible if you do the planning and find the cheaper options that suit you and your situation. To have a great road trip you don't have to travel from one side of Australia to the other.

Use this Road Trip Planner Budget Calculator and tips to help you plan your exciting adventure road trip.

  • Consider doing a circuit of one state or territory, you will find plenty to keep you busy for several weeks or months if you take it leisurely.
  • Plan ahead and take advantage of cheap holiday or accommodation deals.
  • Calculate a budget and save for your road trip.
  • Stay at accommodation that has kitchen facilities. You can cook your meals on a Barbeque or a microwave may be provided. You will be able to eat breakfast and dinner at your accommodation and make a packed lunch for when you are travelling.
  • Your road trip doesn't have to be a drive through every state or territory. Choose a few destinations and explore them, this will suit a shorter time frame and a smaller holiday budget.
  • Instead of travelling every day, book into a holiday house for a week. Check the prices, this may work out cheaper than one or two nights at 3 or 4 different places.

Now you can start planning a road trip and enjoy this exciting way to see Australia. Be prepared, use these road trip planner tools and tips and your road trip will be a very memorable experience.

Keep in mind the enjoyment and enjoyment and safety of everyone and you will have a wonderful driving in Australia holiday experience.

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