Road Trip Planning
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Australian Adventure Holiday

Dare To Dream - Plan - Enjoy - Remember

Your road trip planning can have many possibilities, maybe a drive around Australia, to the Top End and back, across the Nullabor, through the Outback, along the eastern or western coast ...

Starting your road trip planning and holiday planning is exciting, road trips are a fun adventurous way to see Australia with plenty of activities and experiences to do along the way.

This road trip planning and driving guide will give you ideas and tips for when you are on the open road and cruising, around every bend is a new view.

.....Imagine seeing a beach with white sparkling sand, turquoise blue water and perfect waves waiting for you to splash in....

.....Or you are in the Outback

Sitting around a campfire, cooking dinner and watching a stunning sunset.

Then laying back and watching the millions of stars sparkle.....

Looking for the 'Southern Cross'.....

Then trying to be the first one to see a shooting star.

You can stop dreaming about planning a road trip and bring your own road trip plans to life and travel Australia and have a real Aussie adventure.

road trip planning outback australia

Road Trip Maps - Don't Get Lost

Usually a combination of map types work best, you can't beat a good quality detailed map book. Some map books also are combined with an accommodation directory. When you are travelling you will also be able to get detailed maps of the town you are visiting from the local tourist centre, which will show all the attractions in the area.

There all types of maps - books, folded maps, GPS and online mapping systems.

  • There are types of map books and directories for all Australia and the separate states, cities and towns. Camps Australia Wide have exceptional map/accommodation books
  • The fold out maps are widely available and are used quite often for smaller areas and have more detail, especially good for 4WD maps.
  • Many models and brands of GPS or Sat Navs are available and they can be very useful for finding locations when you are in a new town. They can be very useful sometimes, but they also be very annoying when they try to send you up a road that isn't even there!!
  • The internet provides thousands of resources for free online maps and getting directions which can easily be accessed from your laptop or mobile phone etc.
    Google Maps are an excellent example

Accommodation - Should It Be Booked Ahead?

There are 3 ways to organise your accommodation, don't book at all, book several days ahead or book all your accommodation before you leave.

It depends on what type of road trip or holiday you are planning as to how you organise your accommodation. If you are staying at one or two places then it is usually best to have it booked well ahead, especially if it is a very popular tourist destination.

If you are going on a road trip with many destinations involved you can either 'wing it' and not book at all or book several days ahead for each different accommodation stay.

When you are travelling on a road trip and you have pre booked your accommodation for a week at a destination you may find that you only want to stay for 4 nights. Maybe you have booked your accommodation for 2 nights and you want to stay for a week. So you will then have to change your accommodation bookings.

During the school holidays some popular tourist destinations maybe extremely busy or when a special event is happening. This may mean you will need to book well before the event or the school holidays start.

These tips are a few options for booking.

  • Don't book anything until you arrive at the town or location so you can have a look around first and check all your options.
  • Book your accommodation for 1 night with the option for more nights.
  • Book your next accommodation for the next location one day ahead.
  • If you are planning to stay at a special place like a resort, you most likely will have to book months ahead. Use your itinerary while you are doing your road trip planning and take notes of all of your plans.

Holiday Driving And Vehicle Tips - Take Care

Generally the roads are more crowded during holiday times so here are some driving safely tips so you can have a happy and safe journey.

  • Take rest breaks at least every 1 - 2 hours to avoid fatigue.
  • Share the driving if possible.
  • Have a good night's sleep prior to travelling.
  • Avoid driving at night and early in the morning.
  • Do not drink alcohol prior to driving.
  • For everyone's safety please follow the road rules - do not speed or tailgate other cars.
  • Take extra care when towing a trailer, camper or caravan.
  • Keep cool drinks and snacks in the car for easy access while on the road.
  • Children should be fitted in appropriate seat belts or car seats suitable for their age.
  • Make sure your vehicle has been properly prepared for your road trip.
  • While you are on your road trip regularly check the vehicles fluid levels including water and oils etc.
  • Regularly check the condition and pressure of the tyres and brakes

road trip planning south australia

In The Car - Keep Comfortable

Your road trip or drive will be more comfortable if your vehicle is a bit organised with books, drinks, food stored away. Keep a bag for the rubbish ready, for the kids hang back packs on the back of the front seats or use car organisers.

There are plenty of in car entertainment available with music, audio books, videos and playing car games. To get you in the road trip mood there are plenty of road trip songs and road trip movies for all ages.

Have a break each hour or two and take a short walk and have refreshments. If you can stop at a recognised rest stop or park that may have a toilet. If you are lucky you may be able to stop at an interesting town or park area that you can walk around and explore.

It may be boring but keeping your car reasonably clean and organised especially inside will be much easier for everyone. Try have a place for everything to be put away like the maps.

Including a bit of comfort into your road trip planning will help when you are travelling. For a bit of comfort a pillow is handy, it can be sat on if it is not needed for sleeping. If you can prevent rubbish, books or toys etc. falling out of the doors when they are opened, each stop will be easier.

Meeting People And Characters Along The Way

No amount of road trip planning can organise the special people and the interesting characters that you will meet. Here are few that we have met or experienced.

  • Ten years ago at the Ayers Rock Resort we camped next to a family from Sydney, we travelled with them for the next 10 days in Central Australia. We have met up with them every year since somewhere in Australia.
  • At Lake Kunnunurra in the Kimberley we sort of met a fresh water crocodile called 'George' that comes near the bank for food every day.
    'He was cute for a crocodile'-->
  • At Palm Valley Campground in Central Australia there was a resident emu that was 'really physcho'. We asked the ranger about the emu, guess what, the emus name was 'Physcho'!!.

Your road trip planning will get you ready to go and help you be organised while you are travelling. But there is nothing that will prepare you for the unexpected interesting and funny things that happen along the way. These things will have you smiling and laughing many years later.

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