Tow Vehicle, Caravan, Camper Trailer And RV Camping Checklist

Use this towing vehicle, caravan, camper trailer and RV camping checklist as a guide before you leave home for a great touring holiday, so you have a safe and exciting holiday or road trip.

Australia has many amazing unique places, experiences and tourist attractions and things to do when you are travelling.

Keeping your vehicle, camper trailer, caravan or recreational vehicle in excellent order with routine maintenance and checks will make your holiday run much smoother.
Always check your vehicles, camper trailer, caravan or RV's service manual for a more detailed checklist, instructions and tips specific to your or camping vehicles.

Caravan Maintenance and RV Camping Checklist

These Caravan or Recreational Vehicle maintenance checks should be done before you leave home.

  • Check that there is a fire extinguisher fitted.
  • Check water, brake fluid, oil levels and the battery in RV's with a motor.
  • Check all tyres carefully for wear and tear - make sure they are road worthy. Replace if necessary.
  • The tyre pressure should be increased to what is recommended in the vehicles handbook or ask your local tyre dealer.
  • Check that your vehicle and trailer’s wheel nuts are tight.
  • Ensure the tow bar socket and tow ball are the correct size and fit well.
  • Check that the tow bar is correctly and securely fitted, if in doubt have it checked before towing anything.
  • Check that the safety chains are secured correctly.
  • Check to ensure that the Recreational vehicle brakes and light connections are secure and working correctly.
  • Make sure number plates and registration labels of your RV, caravan etc and current.
  • Test the brake and lights are working by having someone behind the vehicle while you press the brakes several times. Also check blinkers and reversing lights are working.
  • The wheel bearings should be checked and adjusted regularly.
  • If you have any doubts about your vehicle have it checked by a caravan specialist.

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rv caravan camper trailer checklist australia camping

Tow Vehicle Maintenance Checklist

These maintenance checks should be done before you leave home.

  • Check that all your mirrors are clean and adjusted properly.
  • Check that the fan belt is in good condition and working properly.
  • Check there is water coolant in the radiator and sufficieant brake fluid.
  • Check engine and transmission oil levels.
  • Check your tyre pressures, check the spare tyre too.
  • Have someone stand behing the vehicle to test all lights are working
  • Check the condition of all the hoses in your engine, replace if necessary and carry spares.
  • Fill the fuel tank of petrol or diesel and keep checking it often.
  • Try to limit the amount of load in your vehicle as the heavier it is, the more fuel will be used.

rv caravan camper trailer checklist australia camping

Things To Check Before Departure

Use this vehicle, caravan or RV camping checklist to check these things each time you depart from home or camp.

  • Check all windows, doors and roof hatches are closed and stone guard is secure.
  • Check everything is properly secured.
  • The RV or caravan steps are up and locked in position.
  • Gas cylinders should be secured properly as per your campers etc instructions and full.
  • When driving along gas cylinders should be turned off, always check before starting your journey each day.
  • Make sure that the fridge door is closed and locked.
  • Check that the fridge contents can't tip over and are sealed.
  • Check all the cupboards and drawers in the RV or camper have been closed and locked, fold down table or make sure it is secure, put away any loose items in drawers or cupboards.
  • Pack up the awning and lock it in position.
  • Check the jockey wheel is in a secure position or stored away.
  • Check that the vehicle, RV or camper lights are working.
  • All the RVs or caravan stabilisers should be pushed up or folded up.
  • Release the hand brake of the trailer before leaving.
  • Remove all the wheel chocks before driving away.
  • The sullage and water should be checked, the electrical cords should be unplugged and stored away.
  • The TV antenna should be folded down for travelling.

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Take Suitable Spare Parts

Use this vehicle, caravan or RV camping checklist as suggestions for spare parts that you may require while travelling.

  • One or more spare wheel, tyre, tube to suit your vehicle, caravan or RV.
  • Electrical wire and insulating tape.
  • Take spare coolant, engine oil, radiator hose and spare fan belt.

rv caravan camper trialer checklist australia camping

Pack Suitable Tools

Use this vehicle, caravan or RV camping checklist as suggestions for suitable tools that you may require while travelling.

  • Air compressor, tyre lever, tyre pressure guage, tool kit with at least basic tools, tyre repair kit.
  • A wheel brace suitable for wheel nuts of the towing vehicle, caravan.
  • Take stablizing blocks for when the ground is unlevel or soft.

Safety Checks To Do During Your Road Trip

Use this vehicle, caravan or RV camping checklist as suggestions for safety checks while travelling.

  • Check that the couplings and safety chains are securely fastened and in good condition.
  • If you think your campers brakes and wheel bearings are overheating compare them to your car brakes.
  • Always check the lights, blinkers are working.
  • During travelling check the tyres are not going down as you travel.
  • Occasionally look inside your camper to check everything is secure.
  • Check the awning is locked in position.
  • Check the Service Manual for your vehicle and camper for specific instructions.

View, Print, Download the PDF of this RV Camping Check List

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