The Best Cocktails You'll Find in Sydney Harbour


Whether you live in Brisbane, Perth or anywhere in between, if you’re interested in indulging yourself amidst some of the best cocktail bars in the world, getting away and exploring Sydney’s harbour could be just the ticket for you.

Sydney is, of course, most famous for its incredible harbour bridge, the impressive St. Mary's Cathedral and the iconic Sydney Opera House, but sometimes the best way to get a feel for the city is just to have a drink and take in the beautiful scenery. Click here if you are ready to snap up the cheapest flights to Sydney, and then read on to find the best cocktails in Sydney Harbour as well as the bars and lounges where you can find them.

A Harbourside Rose - Blu Bar on 36

The Shangri-La Hotel in Sydney has one of the most desirable locations in the city, and dining or staying anywhere in the hotel is a real treat. After the sun sets, however, the best place to be is at the Blu Bar on 36, which is unsurprisingly located on the 36th floor of the hotel. The bar opens at 5 each night, and guests can watch the sunset right over the harbour while sipping amazing cocktails created by the mixologists. While there are dozens of delicious tipples to choose from, the best may be the Harbourside Rose, which is the perfect drink for romantics. With Bombay Gin, sweet watermelon liqueur and rose syrup, this pink drink is the perfect start to any evening in Sydney. The glass windows of the Blu Bar look right out over the Sydney Harbour Bridge as well as the Opera House for a vista that you will never forget.

Gin Chilli Sherbet - O Bar

You definitely won't to miss the chance to visit the Summit Restaurant and O Bar when you are in Sydney. Both destinations are on the on the 47th floor overlooking Sydney Harbour and Australia Square, but what makes it so fantastic is the fact that the entire floor revolves a full 360 degrees. It's at the Obar where you can order one of the amazing and creative cocktails to enjoy as you watch the sun set over Sydney, and you might have a hard time choosing from the impressive selection. To wake up your taste buds with something new and exciting, enjoy the Gin Chilli Sherbet, which contains Hendricks, cucumber slices, lemon juice, fresh pomegranate and a kick of chilli for some added heat.

A Classic Martini at Aria

If a cocktail list starts to look daunting, many diners are happy to stick with a classic that is perfectly well-done. At Aria, arguably one of the best restaurants in Sydney and one that boasts an impressive view of the harbour, it's best to stick with the classics. Whether you want to sip a martini with a perfectly salty olive as you watch the sunset before your dinner arrives or you just want to have a drink before you head to bed, nothing beats a simple and elegant martini from Aria.

Mojitos - Cruise Bar

If you want to take in truly breathtaking views of the harbour without a formal atmosphere, then Cruise Bar might be the perfect choice. It opens at 11 in the morning, which means that you can enjoy a holiday cocktail in the middle of the day while you are sightseeing around Sydney. The head bartender was deemed the 2009 AHA Bartender of the Year, which means that you can order just about anything you can imagine. For a local favourite, try the mojito, which includes white rum, lime juice, mint and a touch of sweetness.

High Tease - the Opera Bar

When most people think of Sydney Harbour, they think of the iconic Sydney Opera House. Believe it or not, this location has its own bar, and you don't need to see a show to be admitted. The food is fantastic, but the real reason to visit is the view. You will want to indulge in the High Tease, which features Hendrick's gin with tastes of elderflower, rose, cucumber and grapefruit.

Whether you plan to spend one day in Sydney or a full month, be sure to carve out time to relax and take in the amazing views of the harbour with a cocktail in hand.

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