Types Of Tents For Camping And Other Choices For Shelter Outdoors

What type of tent or camping vehicle suits you?

There are many types of tents for camping and many other choices for your shelter in the great outdoors.

Your shelter is the most necessary item and a good place to start when you are planning to go camping.

There are many styles of tents to choose from, camping swags are a quick setup mini tent, other options are camper trailers, caravans and RVs - recreational vehicles.

Tents For Camping

Tents come in all shapes, sizes, colours and materials. The smallest tents are excellent for hikers as they are a compact roll when packed up.

The largest tents can have 3 or 4 rooms excellent for families when you are staying in the same place for a week or more.

Tents are made in two types of material, canvas and polyester nylon. the both have their pros and cons.

Canvas is made of cotton and allows the tent to breath, the canvas is very tough and lasts a long time if cared for properly.

Tents made of cotton canvas are usually more upright and allow you to stand up anywhere in the tent. When packed up they are quite large so they do need more room for storage than a dome tent.

The dome tents pack up into a small to medium roll depending on how big the tent is. A big dome tent can take awhile to put up as they have a fly to attach as well. Dome tents are noisy they have that sort of 'scratchy sound' when touched and rubbed.

Either way it is all about personal preference as to which one you buy, there is a huge range of tents and many brands.

If you only use your tent or tents for camping once a year or a few times a year it maybe not be worth paying for the very best tent, you will probably be able to find a suitable one in the mid price range.

Check that the tent you buy has strong tent poles, seams should be double sewn, zips should be heavy duty and generally good quality.

Tents for camping that are very cheap are probably not worth buying, remember they maybe out in windy and rainy conditions with you inside, you don't want one that leaks, breaks zips or rips at the seams.

Tents come in many sizes, they have a size rating which usually says how many persons will fit inside. A six person tent will mean that 6 people can lay on the floor side by side with no room for anything else.

So for 6 people you would probably want a larger tent that is rated for at least 8 people. For 2 people you may buy a tent that is rated for 3 or 4 persons.

Parents privacy! If parents want a little bit of privacy and their own space there are multi room tents that can have 2, 3 or 4 rooms.

Older children may want a separate tent at some stage, each child could have a small tent each they can put up themselves if they are old enough or one tent for several children.

Tent pegs are usually made of metal and plastic, the metal ones are used for soil. You may need to upgrade the pegs that come with the tent to stronger ones for tough conditions.

The plastic pegs are for camping on sand, they are larger and are made to grip in the sand.

When you return from your trip make sure the tent is dry and clean before storage, if it is damp put it up for a few days.

Camping Swags

Swags are a roll up bed made of canvas or polyester nylon that can be used outside anytime and anywhere.

The Swag is easy and a quick to setup, they can be rolled up with the sleeping bag inside if you want to. You can have your bed ready in a minute and watch others will still be putting up their tents.

Here are some examples of Camping Swags

Roof Top Tent

Rooftop tents have the advantage that your bed is always made up on the roof of your vehicle. They unfold quickly to make a room on the roof and at ground level. Which could be used a sitting and change room, also will be good for weather protection.

To use your vehicle the tent does have to be packed up, so if you need to do any shopping or sightseeing do that before setting up the rooftop tent.

Here are some examples of Roof Top Tents

Camper Trailers - Tent Style

Tent style camper trailers are made in many styles from a simple small trailer model to very large custom campers that have many features a small house does.

They are also made to be able to go on four wheel drive roads, so if you going on rough roads make sure your vehicle and camper are prepared for the rough terrain.

Camper Trailers - Caravan Style

These camper trailers are more like a caravan that have a tent like top half that pushes up, they are another great option.

This type of camper trailer have many features of a caravan but are more compact and easier to tow.

They are fairly quick to set up and are a much more convenient way to camp than using tents for camping.

But of course this is a personal choice and many campers love to use tents for camping.

Here are some examples of Camper Trailers - Caravan Style

Caravans and RVs

The choices of caravans and RVs are amazing, if you’re in the market for one have a good look around to find one that suits you needs and price range.

Caravans and RVs do limit your travels to the sealed roads. If you have a 4WD vehicle and a normal caravan you can leave the caravan in storage at a holiday park for a few days and take off in the 4 Wheel Drive with the necessary camping equipment.

Not all caravans are made to go on four wheel drive roads, if you are not sure ask a caravan specialist. The chassis etc is constructed stronger than normal and they usually have checkerplate on the lower outside walls for protection from stones etc.

You have many options - If you are not interested in using tents for camping, explore your options for a type of camper vehicle that suits you.

Going to camping shows really helps as you will be able to see the differemce between different brands and models and the pro and cons for each type of camping option.

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