Camping In The Outback of Australia
And Visiting Ayers Rock Australia

Camping in the Outback of Australia at Ayers Rock Resort, Kings Canyon Resort and Palm Valley Camp grounds are a great adventure experience.

Kings Canyon and Palm Valley are on the Mereenie Loop which is a gravel backroad between Alice Springs and Ayers Rock - Uluru area. There are unique and stunning scenic views everywhere you look.

We camped at Ayers Rock Resort, Kings Canyon Resort and Finke Gorge National Park (Palm Valley). Another option is Curtin Springs Cattle Station & Wayside Inn 85 kilometres east of Uluru which has been owned by the Severin family since 1956.

If you are interested in staying at Ayers Rock Resort, they cater for every type of accommodation and tours can be arranged to many beautiful locations in the area.


From Ayers Rock Resort it is only a short drive to Uluru-Ayers Rock and the Olgas in the Outback of Australia.

Google Earth Map Of Ayers Rock Australia

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This Google Earth Map of Ayers Rock Australia can be 'double clicked on' or dragged or use the arrows to see more detail of Ayers Rock Australia.

The map shows where people climb up - Which is about straight up from the centre of the cars parked below and just left of the shadowed section. Can you see shadows of people climbing? Also the white dotted lines about two thirds of the way up which show the way to the top.

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Uluru Ayers Rock is the main attraction in Central Australia, so of course we wanted to see it. The Ayers Rock Resort campground is a short drive away so we camped there for a few nights.

The first morning we drove to Uluru Ayers Rock which was about a twenty minute drive. Every minute it was getting bigger as we go closer, it was so exciting, I have always wanted to see Uluru.

It was brilliant, we loved it! We climbed Ayers Rock, about 1 ½ hours up and about 1 hour to get down and then we walked around the base. Which was about 8 kilometres and took about 2 hours. We were exhausted!. The view from the top was unbelievable.

When Camping and travelling you get to meet many other travellers from Australia and overseas. When we camped the Ayers Rock Resort camp ground we met a very friendly family from Sydney.

We had setup camp beside them and the all the kids starting playing cricket near our tents and since then we have been on many camping trips with them including going to ‘The Kimberley’.

Our next stop was the Kings Canyon Resort as planned to visit and walk around Kings Canyon in Watarrka National Park. Which was very different to visiting Uluru, the walk took about two hours and the views were spectacular.

kings canyon australia outback

Palm Valley was our next destination which is further along the Mereenie Loop going towards Alice Springs. Palm Valley is in Finke National Park.

After we had set up our camp site, we went for a short walk, as always the view was wonderful.

The next day we drove to the nearly dry creek bed which is part of a Palm Valley nature walk. The photo shows the unique palm trees to the area, as usual there was plenty to explore.

After Palm Valley and drove to Alice Springs, we stayed three nights at Alice Springs Big 4 Holiday Park. The next day we did a day trip to Glen Helen Gorge, Hermannsburg and Ormiston Gorge.

We could have easily toured the Outback of Australia for several more weeks, Uluru – Ayers Rock, Kings Canyon, Palm Valley are just a few of the stunning destinations available for camping.

If you are interested in visiting these stunning areas 'Spirit Safaris' specialise in Outback and Top End adventure tours.

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