Fun Things to Do While Camping in Australia’s Great Outdoors

Finding things to do while camping is very easy as there is such a variety of activities that kids and you can do, some are useful like cooking meals, the others are for fun like exploring new places.

Camping is a great for the whole family. Most of the time your family will find plenty of ways to keep busy.

It will help if you have a few planned activities to do while camping and driving in Australia.

When you are planning your camping or road trip remember that kids aren't usually very interested in sitting down and relaxing like adults.

You don't want to hear 'I'm Bored' too often so consider planning to stay at family friendly accommodation or interesting adventurous places if you can, so they can mostly amuse themselves, depending on their ages of course.

Going camping with your children is more work and so much more fun. They see everything differently and are always looking for fun and adventure where ever you are camping or holidaying.

At a campground or playground the kidsare the ones that usually make contact first with other camping kids sometimes all they need is some type of ball and away they go, they have a game organised.

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Around The Camp

There are plenty of things to do while camping and setting up your camp.

  • Setting up your campsite.
  • Collecting the firewood if you can have a campfire.
  • Starting the campfire and keep it going.
  • Camp cooking.
  • Help with meals.
  • Play campfire games.

Camping Activities

  • Fishing in the sea, a lake or river.
  • Swimming, canoeing, surfing etc.
  • Bike riding.
  • Photography and videoing.
  • Orienteering and map reading.
  • Kite flying, throwing a frisbee or ball.

On The Road

  • Have regular rest breaks when travelling.
  • Have a rest break where there something interestimg to see, like a great view, a historical monument or town etc.
  • In the car listen to music or audio books.
  • Play car games while on your road trip.
  • Before you travel make sure you have suitable car insurance.

  • Check road maps and brochures for your destinations ahead.
  • Keep a record of your mileage for each day and your cost of fuel.

Playing at the Campground

  • Meet other camping kids.
  • Ball games like tennis, cricket and football.
  • Invent new games.
  • Have fun getting dirty.
  • Card games, puzzles and board games.
  • Play at plagrounds in a Holiday park or public places.

Quiet Time

  • Read books and magazines.
  • Draw and colour in pictures.
  • Send postcards to your friends and family.
  • Make a holiday scrapbook. Describe details about your trip and the activities you gave done.

In the Outback in Australia

The Outback in Australia is a very special and unique place to visit with hundreds of things to do while camping and travelling.

  • Visit the Royal Flying Doctors Sevice and the School of the Air.
  • Do a tour of some of the Ouback pubs like Birdsville Hotel, William Creek, Silverton etc.
  • Be amazed by the sunrises, sunsets and the unique scenery and wildlife.
  • Visit unique towns like Broken Hill, Coober Pedy, Alice Springs, Birdsville, Camerons Corner etc.
  • See attractions like Uluru Ayers Rock, Devils Marbles, Kings Canyon, Flinders Ranges, Chambers Pillar, the Simplson Desert etc.
  • There are also unique cattle stations to visit like Curtin Springs near Uluru and Kings Creek Station near Kings Canyon and there are plenty more in the Outback.

At The Beach

There are many wonderful things to do while camping at the beach, here are few ideas to get you started.

  • Make sand castles with buckets and spades.
  • Enjoy jumping the waves.
  • Go surfing with a bodyboard or surfboard.
  • Play beach cricket or throw a frisbee.
  • Take a beach chair and rest on the beach, read a book.
  • Explore the rockpools when the tide is out.
  • Go fishing off a jetty or from the beach.

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Learn How To...

  • Learn to tie different types of knots.
  • Understand the stars and constellations.
  • Read a map and compass.
  • Be safe when camping.

Night Time

  • Watch the night sky sparkling and be the first one to see a shooting star.
  • Listen to the many night sounds.
  • Try going for night walks with a torch each.


  • Explore the surroundings bush, campground or nearby town, take a picnic lunch.
  • See the local wildlife.
  • Go for a drive and explore the local attractions.

Enjoy the Experiences

Australia has many exciting and interesting things to do while camping to really experience and enjoy your road trip or holiday.

  • Watch beautiful sunsets and sunrises.
  • Stroll along stunning beaches.
  • Take the time to watch a waterfall and relax.
  • Find a peaceful place, relax and rest for as long as you can.

Enjoy your holiday and all the things you can do while on your camping trip whether it is for a week or many months. Make the most of the time with your family. You will create memories to keep forever.

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