These Tips For Packing A Suitcase Will Your Make Holiday Travelling Easier

Getting packed with these tips for packing a suitcase will help get your luggage organised for your next holiday.

Think about what the weather conditions are going to be and what you are going to be doing and pack accordingly. Make the most of all the spare spaces and packing your clothes so they unpack with minimal creases.

Packing a suitcase is usually the last part of organising your holiday and sometimes the hardest, but it does not have to be that way. Using these useful tips for packing a suitcase and luggage you will much packing easier than it usually is.

Prepare Before Packing Your Suitcase Tips

  • Research before you pack - consider the weather conditions, types of events and attractions, night life, will you be swimming etc.
  • Workout your essential items you must take, then if you have some spare space you can take a few extras. Try really hard not to overpack, at most places you will able buy any extra items if you really need too.
  • Work out what clothes & shoes you will need?
  • How many days - a few days, a week or much longer?
  • Consider wearing layers of clothes rather than taking thick clothes which may be bulky and they take up a lot of space in your suitcase.
  • Co-ordinate your clothes around a few colours to create several mix and match combinations and add accessories for variety.
  • Make your checklist for packing your suitcase so you can make sure you take everything you need with not too many extras.
  • Do you have any special requirements or things that you must take?
  • Use a good quality suitcase that is in good condition.
  • Use a suitcase with wheels so you don't have to carry it.
  • Take a photocopy of any important documents, accommodation receipts, important contact numbers, passport etc. and place them in your suitcase. Just in case the original copy gets misplaced.

Tips For Packing A Suitcase

  • Use your checklist for packing your suitcase and layout all the clothes and shoes etc on your bed or table first, so that you can see what you plan to take.
  • Fold longer items like pants or skirts in half length ways then roll from the bottom either separate or together.
  • Another way to pack long clothes eg. jeans, pants skirt or a dress is to lay the top half in the bottom of the suitcase then pack the rest of the items on top, then fold over the bottom half of the long clothes.
  • Most of your clothes can be rolled to prevent your clothes from being creased. Fold them long ways first then roll from the bottom, either one item at a time or several together.
  • Pack your clothes not too loose or tight 'snuggly' is a good description. This prevents the clothes from moving or being too squashed.
  • Place you shoes in a plastic bag, separately if you like. To use up spare space fill your shoes with socks or something of similar size.
  • Include your prescription and other medicines & toiletries, pack toiletries and medication in resealable bags to prevent leakage onto clothes. Most toiletries can be bought in mini size eg. toothpaste, shampoo, soap, moisturiser.
  • It's usually best to carry your camera or phone etc. in a carry bag or pocket instead of placing it in your suitcase - remember to take the recharger or spare batteries.
  • Use easy care fabrics that need minimal ironing and dry very quickly. Heavy fabrics like denim will take longer to get dry, waiting for clothes to dry is not always convenient.
  • Clothes can be packed in layers in order of when you will need them if you are only going for a few days. An alternate way if you have a set of clothes for each day, place each days clothes in a plastic or cloth bag.
  • Heavier items maybe best placed in bottom of suitcase like books, jeans, boots or a jacket.
  • Pack your clothes so that what you will need first is on top like pyjamas and toiletries so you don't have to dig to the bottom.
  • Include a plastic or fabric laundry bag to store clothes to be washed.

Use all these travel tips for packing a suitcase and suitcase packing techniques for your next trip and it will be much easier to find things you need in your suitcase.

Over the years suitcases have improved a lot from the vintage and antique suitcases, now days just about anything is available from beautiful alligator suitcases, a Louis Vuitton suitcase, decorative leather suitcases, a backpack suitcase and kids suitcases come in all shapes and sizes with colourful Disney pictures and pink suitcases for girls.

Most of us just what a good quality travel suitcase, Luggage Direct have a huge variety of luggage and well worth a look if you need some luggage.

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