Australia's Travel Destination Guides and Books For Planning Your Holiday

When you explore travel destination guides and books you will be opening a 'Treasure Chest' of Australia's beautiful scenery, adventure and unique experiences, take your time and discover the possibilities.

To really discover and appreciate what particular travel destination guides are like you need to be able to hold it, see it and read it. Sometimes the publishers description can be a bit vague and you may still be wondering what is in the book.

So I have purchased each one of the travel guides and books below. So I can give you a description of what is actually in the book that the publisher may not include in their description. So you can make an easier decision of what travel destinations guides or books are right for your situation and holiday.

If you are from overseas or a local travelling a small part of Australia or driving all the way around, travel destination guides are priceless for helping you discover more about Australia and it's hidden secrets.

These books include about Australia information, maps, camping, camp cooking, accommodation, travelling distances, activities, tours and experiences and much more.

These travel destination guides descriptions are written from the experience of actually viewing each of travel destination guides and books, then describing the most important and useful aspects of the book. Each weblink below the description shows more information like the publishers description and details about the book like the size, numbers of pages, the price etc.

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There are many online shops that sell books but there is only a few I would recommend for Australia travel destination guides and books based on good service, price and the variety of Australian travel books in stock.
To read about my recommendations visit this page Online Book Stores.

Explore Australia 2012

australia travel book

The Explore Australia book starts with a brief overview of 'about Australia' and the history of Australia.

Then the book is divided in the states and territories, followed by information about the capital city, regions, then each main town is described. Which includes attractions, accommodation, the local tourism information visitor centre contact details.

The states and territory section and road map atlas is colour coded for easy reference. Stunning images are included throughout which make it a pleasure to browse through the pages.

This 'Explore Australia' book is an excellent example of how travel destination guides are showcasing travelling Australia.
Recommended Retail Price $59.95
More Information at Fishpond - Travel Universe - Book Depository

Lonely Planet Australia

australia travel book

Lonely Planet Australia travel guide is a 'novel size' book loaded with very useful information about every aspect of travelling Australia.

The book is mostly black and white with blue highlights and coloured images on about 20 pages. The book has four sections 'Plan Yor Trip', 'On the Road' which is the main chapter of over 900 pages, then 'Understand Australia' and 'Survival Guide'.

The 'On The Road' section covers all states and territories with detailed information about accommodation, attractions, where to eat, how to get around, maps, tourist information and contact details and much more.

The 'Survival Guide' section is excellent for international visitors. The rest of the book is for all travellers who need local infomation of the area they are travelling. This book is written by Australians who live in various parts of Australia and they are well travelled and experienced with what travellers need to know.
Recommended Retail Price $49.99
More Information at Fishpond - Travel Universe - Book Depository

Travel Australia Touring Driving Guide

australia travel book The 'Travel Australia driving and touring guide' is an excellent book for an 'all in one' option to take on your road trip.

The first chapter has an overall map of Australia and distances between cities and major towns with 5 double pages of large map sections of Australia.

The next 14 pages shows 26 major road trips between cities, states and territories that are very commonly used. There is an overview page first then each road trip is displayed as a strip map which easy easy to follow.

The 'Top Destinations' chapter is 30 pages filled with suggestions for the best places to visit and explore under the headings of National Parks, scenic wonders, historic sites, fishing, caravanning and camping and many more.

The 'Top Tours' is similiar to the top destinations section but covers each state, territory and regions with more stunning images on every page.

Next is 236 pages of comprehensive road maps, then 24 pages of city maps and guides eg. map of Sydney area, map of Sydney city and places of interest and driving tips.

Then there are over 50 pages of major town maps and 30 pages of a comprehensive index. This a brilliant book with a very durable soft cover and a 'must have' book to have in your vehicle.
Recommended Retail Price is $44.99
More Information at Fishpond

1000 Great Places Travel with Kids in Australia

australia travel book

Finding attractions and experiences that your kids will enjoy, have fun and maybe learn something new are not always easy to find especially when travelling in new regions, cities or towns.

The book is 'novel' size in black and white with images and drawings for kids throughout all the pages. It has been created for kids as well so they can be involved. There is a 'Kids Quest' in each section, these are questions to find an answer for or do a small task.

For example the 'Central Coast' section is divided into 2 parts for the Coast and the Hinterland. Each has a list of highlights, insider tips, don't miss..., fabulous facts, kids quests, and all the attractions are described, with contact details, they are cost rated Free, Budget etc. Recommended accommodation and places to eat are also included.
Recommended Retail Price $34.95
More Information at Fishpond - Travel Universe - Book Depository

Discover Australia from Lonely Planet

australia travel book

'Discover Australia' is exactly what this book gives you with every page you turn. This 'novel size' book is full of colour in the images and layout.

Every page is aimed at giving you the best of Australia's highlights, travel tips, about Australia info and culture, attractions, events, maps, experiences and things to see and do with suggestions for accommodation, shopping and eating places.

Each section is colour coded for easy reference, high quality paper has been used and a fold out map of Australia is inside the back cover and an index is included.
Recommended Retail Price $48.99
More Information at Travel Universe - Book Depository

All the above travel destination guides are excellent resources for organising your holiday and road trip anywhere in Australia.

For more Australian Books and Guides visit Atlas Road Maps of Australia and Camping Books and Guides.

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