Using Travel Guides About Australia, Road Maps And Australia Tourist Information

There are hundreds of maps and travel guides about Australia for all the regions, sections like the Outback. Also different types of recreational activities that can be part of your holiday or road trip which may include cycling, surfing, kayaking, hiking or walking.

The travel guides and maps will give you the opportunity to plan and study all your options like accommodation, things to visit, distances and destinations etc.

Using travel guides about Australia and road maps are an essential step when you are planning your Aussie adventure holiday.

There are many types of printed maps, online maps and guides, they come in books, folded maps of each state, territory and 4WD maps.

Local tourist maps and local guides can be found at Tourist Information Centres, Tourist or Holiday Parks or other accommodation places.

travel guides about australia road map australia

If you are interested in four wheel driving there are maps with extra detail specifically made for 4 wheel driving. When you camp at a National Park that has 4wd trails you will probably receive detailed maps when you buy the camping permit.

Four wheel drive maps maybe also available at camping, book, fishing, 4WD stores and at online book stores. has the full range of maps and resources for your travelling and driving needs.

Getting local information is the best way to know what there is to see and do in each town you visit. You will soon know your options for accommodation, attractions, where to camp, where the shops and amenities etc.


Walking into the stunning Ormiston Gorge in Central Austalia.
We climbed over the rocks to get around the bend and sat down for ages enjoying the great view and watching our kids play happily.

Travel guides about Australia are generally available in three different types. You may use only one type or all three depending on what information you need.

Free Travel Guide Brochures or Booklets are always available from the local Tourist Information Centre in the town you are visiting. These brochures or booklets will have maps, suggestions for tours, attractions to visit, free things to do, shopping information, options for accommodation etc.

There are tourism websites for every state, territory, region, city, main towns, many smaller towns and for thousands of tours, attractions and experiences. For example this is Australia's Tourism website

Campground Guide Books are available from book stores or camping shops and online book stores. The books vary but generally they have accommodation listed for Parks, Hotels, Bed and Breakfast, resorts and many other options.

An excellent camping accommodation guide is Camps Australia Wide which specialises in budget camping for all campers and travellers.

Four Wheel Drive Books are available from 4WD and camping stores and online book stores. Four wheel drive books and maps show much more detail and they also explain more about the roads, directions, your safety and the surrounding areas.

Next time you are planning a holiday or planning a road trip take the time to check out road maps and travel guides about Australia as they will help make your planning easier. When you are travelling you will have all the information you need for your Aussie Adventure.

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