Australian Travel Guides Online And Planning A Road Trip Resources

Planning a Holiday? Which do you use?

Travel guides online OR printed travel guides and map books?

Planning and preparing for a holiday or road trip makes you think about many different travel things. Also how and where do you get the information you need.

Travel books and brochures are great for maps, photos, accommodation, activities and attraction ideas, about Australia information and tips.

You will usually always need printed travel guide books, maps and brochures with you when you are travelling Australia.

But what about getting 'up to date' road conditions, weather forecasts, tourism information. Also booking accommodation, flights, activities and tours. Online Travel planner maps will help you create your itinerary, you can select several different routes and then choose the best one.

All the above can be done with a variety of travel guides online and travel tips that will give you this 'up to date' information very quickly and conveniently, either before you leave home or on the road.

Like the latest weather forecast, what things to do, how far can we travel in a day, school holiday dates, are there any roads closed in the Outback, and what happens if the car or camper breaks down far away from home.

You can use these useful travel guides online, free online maps, and planning a holiday resources anytime. Find tourism info, Australia maps, road conditions, travel facts, travel discounts, unique Australia facts and many more resources.

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These travel guides online products are from companies that I trust, I have either purchased the products for my own use and reviewed them, used them many times or they are from well known companies like Google etc. All the www.... links below will open in a new window for your convenience. The other links will open a related page in this website.

Australia Travel Destination Guides

These Australia Travel Guides Online for Australian destinations will give you a great deal of very useful information about each region, places to visit, also events and festivals, experiences, road trip ideas, accommodation suggestions and much more.

Tourism In Australia

Things To Do In Victoria

New South Wales Tourism

Queensland Travel Guide

Tasmania Tourism

South Australia Travel Guide

Canberra Tourism

Northern Territory Tourism

Travel Western Australia

Online Road Maps And Road Trip Planners

Combine these free online maps with the destination Travel Guides Online above to make your holiday planning much easier.

Google Travel Maps

'Google maps' are an excellent resource for finding your way around Australia and planning your road trip route. Create your own driving route with the driving distance and driving time calculated for you.

You can view Google maps as a road map, as a satellite view and with Google Earth with gives you an amazing 'birds eye view'.

'Google Maps'
For More Information go to Google Maps Driving Directions

'Free Google Earth Maps'
For More Information go to Google Earth Map Destinations

Australia Road Map and Business Directory

These road maps from 'Street Directory' show you a very clear road map similiar to an atlas, the road distances are clearly shown on all main roads.

You can zoom in for more details of towns and streets, use the 'Driving Direction' travel planner, business directory and they have an app for iphone and Android so you can have the whole map and much more easily accessible anytime.

Whereis Australia Road Maps

'Whereis Maps' is an online map and also a travel planner to get distances and directions between destinations. Whereis maps shows you where facilities, shops and essential services with a click of a button anywhere in Australia.

NRMA Trip Planner

'NRMA Trip Planner' is a travel guides online map with an 'easy to use' route and driving directions planner. Add the start and finish destinations and then add 'via' towns in between if you need to.

You can also 'find a place', get trip details, add accommodation and activities to the map to indicate where they are in the area you are interested in.

Australian Travel Discount Cards

We all want to save money when we travel or at least get good value for our holiday budget.

These travel discount cards will help you save money and they offer thousands of different opportunities so you can have a lower budget holiday.

For More Information Travel Discount Cards

Australian Traffic Road Conditions

Check the road conditions for your driving safety before you leave for your road trip destination. These websites have road condition reports for every state and territory and covers from the City to the Outback roads.

RACQ Road Conditions

State Road Conditions

travel guides online travel driving in australia

Accommodation Guide With Maps Of Australia

Camps Australia Wide map books are an excellent accommodation guide and map book for all travellers, especially great for planning a limited budget holiday.

For More Information Camps Australia Wide Books

Australian Weather Reports And Forecasts

Knowing what the weather conditions are going to be is a great help when you are planning your holiday. Also while you are on a holiday or a road trip travelling to various parts of Australia. These travel guides online weather reporting websites will be accessible wherever you can connect to the internet.

Australian Bureau of Meteorology


Elders Weather

Roadside Assistance Plans

Being a member of a roadside assistance program gives you peace of mind which is very important when you are away from home on a road trip. Something as simple as locking your keys in the car or a breakdown can happen anytime. A roadside assistance company will come to your rescue 24 hours a day anywhere in Australia.

Different types and levels of memberships are available. You may also be able to get motorcycle roadside assistance, caravan, trailer or RV roadside assistance.

Queensland RACQ Roadside Assistance

New South Wales and ACT NRMA Roadside Assistance

Western Australia RAC Roadside Assistance

Tasmania RACT Roadside Assistance

Victoria RACV Roadside Assistance

Northern Territory AANT Roadside Assistance

South Australia RAA Roadside Assistance

travel guides online caravan car driving australia in ouback

Australian Public Toilet Map

Here is a unique kind of travel guides online. Use the maps and search tools to locate public toilet facilities while you are travelling anywhere in Australia.

Public Toilet Map Online

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