To Travel In Australia Is An Unforgettable Holiday Experience

Plan your own exciting holiday

Each time we leave home for our next travel in Australia holiday it is like a dream come true. Every day is an adventure and it is very special to be able to travel this beautiful country.

Australia is so huge it is not possible to see it all, the best we can do is explore and enjoy as much as we can when we have the opportunity. Using this travel in Australia planning guide you will soon be exploring all of Australia's natural and manmade attractions.

Imagine enjoying a beautiful beach one day, an outback sunset the next and then a refreshing dip in a stunning gorge complete with a waterfall that nature has created for you like Bells Gorge.

 bells gorge kimberley top end australia

"Bells Gorge is in the Kimberley near the start of the Gibb River Road near Derby and Broome in northern Western Australia.

At the other end of the Gibb River Road is ElQuestro Station, Kununurra, Lake Argyle and the Bungle Bungles are nearby. They are all 'must see' places in the Kimberley."

Start planning your holiday

Planning is your first important step, so think about when and where you can go, accommodation options, driving or flying or both and what type of holiday experiences interest you.

Collect your ideas together and you are on your way to knowing how to plan an exciting holiday.

Start working out how long you have available – Is it for a long weekend, 3 weeks, 2 months, 6 months or longer?

Where will you start travelling from? – From your home or if you are visiting Australia and flying in from overseas, you will probably start from Sydney or Melbourne.

How far are you going to travel? This will depend on how long you have to travel and by what means eg. self drive, organised tours, combination of flying & hired car or campervan.

Using travel guides and road maps to give you more detail about each region or destination, accommodation, distances to travel and local tourist information for cities and towns you are visiting.

Planning your Itinerary will help you set out your holiday plans in writing. Creating Your Itinerary is easy to do, you can keep adjusting it until it suits your situation eg. length of time, type of travel, destinations etc.

Using a check list like these basic, comprehensive, extensive or RV and other camping vehicle checklists is another way to help you get organised once you have decided where you are going and how long for.

Detailed Map Of Australia

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This Google detailed Map of Australia can be dragged and clicked on to be enlarged for better detail of destinations.
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My suggestions for different types of trips

  • when you are on a scenic coastal drive you can take several tours inland to interesting destinations and then you can return home via inland highways and roads to create a circular road trip.
  • If you have limited time like a week or several weeks you can fly to Alice Springs or another region and take organised tours or hire a car or campervan to explore the outback.
  • A way to save driving time is to fly to several capital or regional cities. Then hire a vehicle or do organised tours and see each area without having to drive between cities which can take several days.
  • Driving around Australia is a huge road trip and not suitable for everyone, so a great option is to travel within Australia in sections eg. each state or territory, several states or the east or west section.
  • There are many ways to adventure travel Australia also, air travel in Australia is quicker than driving, but driving is much more of a scenic adventure. Bus travel in Australia and tours can be convenient as it is all organised for you.

  • Train travel in Australia can be a great adventure experience. If you are interested in going on a scenic train journey the main ones are the Ghan or the Indian Pacific. For more infomation about rail travel in Australia visit The Great Southern Railway website

road trip driving holiday in australia

"Enjoy your own 'Aussie' scenic road trip. Imagine driving along the coast and seeing stunning blue water, white capped waves rolling in and sparkling white sand just waiting for you to leave footprints...

Driving through a spectacular rainforest with trees that look like they could reach the sky and lush undergrowth that will create stunning photos to keep forever..."

More to think about

What accommodation are you interested in? Popular choices are camping in tents, travelling in a campervan/motorhome and be fairly self sufficient. Stay in cabins or motels or maybe you like the idea of staying in unique accommodation like a pub in the Outback, a lighthouse, a farm stay or somewhere very luxurious for a special treat.

When deciding your itinerary options it helps to have a visual picture of where you are going and which way to travel in Australia. Layout a suitable map of Australia or the State - Territory you are interested in and discuss your various options that you would like to visit and explore.

Refer to your travel guides and road maps for more detailed information. Camps Australia Wide map books are an excellent travel, accommodation guide and map book especially for travellers planning a low budget holiday.

Popular Australian experiences

Visit Sydney and climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge and marvel at the Sydney Opera House up close.

Visit Tropical North Queensland and snorkel or go on a cruise at the Great Barrier Reef.

Driving in the Central Australia is an exciting experience and Visiting Uluru Ayers Rock is an extra special unique day.

Visiting the Top End of the Northern Territory is another amazing experience, beautiful scenery and stunning natural water features.

sydney harbour bridge australia

"Seeing the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House, walking around the Rocks, having a cruise on the harbour and exploring the surrounding area is such a 'must do and see' experience.

I have been there 3 times and each time I just love it, last time we were there we could see people climbing the bridge, a cruise liner was docked, many types of boats were cruising around, it was easy just to sit down and enjoy everything that was happening."

You probably want to see everything

When you are planning to travel in Australia, it is exciting and there are so many things you will want to see and experience so narrowing your list can be difficult. Sort your list into the 'must do' places, the rest of the list can be done if you have the time available.

When you visit each town or area ask the locals what they recommend are the most interesting attractions, experiences or events, they may have a few surprises that you did not know about.

Check what events are happening in the areas you are going to, you may be able to work your itinerary to suit an event you want to attend.

An example of the above would be when my family started a 6 week holiday driving from Victoria to Darwin and returning via Outback Queensland and New South Wales.

On the first night at Port Augusta I saw an ad on TV for Charlieville Camel Races (Outback QLD), Rodeo & Music Concert (Troy Cassar Daley) which was on about 4 weeks later. We had already planned to go to Charlieville, so we made sure we were there on the right day.
That day was one of the many highlights of that trip!

These free travel in Australia holiday planning tips will get you well on the way to planning your own Great Aussie Adventure and seeing great destinations and taking great photos of Australia.

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