4 Wheel Drive Travel Packing Checklist For Your Australia Travel Tours

This travel packing checklist contains a comprehensive list of items, not all of them will be essential for you to take with you, depending on your situation.

Australia has so many stunning and challenging locations to go four wheel driving like the Kimberley including Gibb River Road, Fraser Island, the Outback, Coffs Coast.

Also the Gulf country, Cape York, Victoria High Country and there are so many more scenic and challenging four wheel drive tracks throughout Australia.

Use this list as a guide. You may find a few things that you may not have thought of previously and decide to take.

Be safe and prepared, have a great four wheel drive trip wherever you choose to travel.

gibb river road the kimberley road trip northern territory

Driving along the Gibb River Road in the Kimberley Northern Territory

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General 4WD Travel Packing Checklist

  • Fire extinguisher.
  • First Aid Kit.
  • Detailed 4WD Maps and Guides.
  • CB radio, mobile phone, satellite phone.
  • Water – carry at least 5 litres per person, 10 litres for remote areas.
  • GPS navigator.
  • Spare fuel and jerry cans, funnel and pouring spout.
  • Portable generator and extension cord.
  • Radio, compass, binoculars, torch and whistle.
  • Good quality light for night time.
  • Roof bag or racks.

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General Tools Travel Packing Checklist

  • Pliers and wire cutters.
  • Open ended spanners of suitable type and adjustable spanners.
  • Flat and Phillips head screwdrivers.
  • Socket set.
  • Hammer and chisel.
  • Silicone sealer and glue - general purpose glue like Araldite and super glue.
  • Jack - for lifting car to change tyre etc.
  • Spanner for wheel nut, air pump and pressure gauge for tyres.
  • Metal file and hacksaw.
  • Variety of a few nuts, bolts and screws.
  • Heavy duty tape and cable/zip ties
  • Short piece of heavy wire.
  • Battery jumper leads and battery charger.
  • WD40 or CRC.
  • Vehicles or campers manual.
  • Hand drill and bits.
  • Any extra specialised tools for your vehicle.

old ghan railway central australia oodnadatta

Driving along the Old Ghan Railway Heritage Trail with the 'Finke Desert Race Track' on the left in Eastern Central Australia

Recovery Kit Travel Packing Checklist

  • Snatch strap – Have the correct one for your vehicle weight eg. Rated 8 or 10 tonne and suitable bow or D shackles.
  • Shovel and axe.
  • Jack and jacking plate.
  • Manual and/or electric winch .
  • Winch extension straps.
  • Snatch Block and shackles.
  • Air bag or high lift jack.
  • Chainsaw - chain saws are illegal in some areas (such as National Parks).
  • Snow chains – for snow, sand, mud or ‘Max Trax’ traction device.
  • Recovery points securely mounted to front and rear of vehicle.
  • Spotlight.

View, Print, Download the PDF of this 4WD Camping Check List

Spare Parts To Carry Travel Packing Checklist

  • Spare hoses, hose clamps and belts.
  • Spare elecitrical parts like globes and fuses
  • Air, oil and fuel filters.
  • Spare tyre tubes and patches.
  • Grease for wheel bearings.

For extended remote trips you could include more tools and spares, but there is a limit to what you can take.

driving palm valley central australia red centre northern territory

Driving on sand into Palm Valley in Central Australia

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