Easy Travel Packing Tips
For Any Australia Travel Destinations
And Beyond

You have planned your holiday, have you packed for your holiday?

Need some help?

These travel packing tips will help you decide what to take for different types of holidays and how to pack your suit case and travel bag.

Remember the 'must take' things like clothes, shoes, personal items, documents, medication, camera and your mobile phone.

What you pack for your trip depends on where you are going? beach, snow, outback?

What you are doing? swimming, hiking, relaxing?

What will the weather be like? hot, warm days, cool nights?

Do you have limited space for your luggage or plenty of space? Does your luggage have to fit in the back of the vehicle, or trailer, campervan or do you have a recreational vehicle?

Your holiday is planned and organised all you need to do now is get packing. Which is always easier to say than do. Do it right the first time and enjoy your travel Australia or anywhere in the world holiday.

If you are going tent or RV camping, hiking, 4Wdriving in the great outdoors these camping and holiday checklists will be very useful.

These travel packing tips are for all types of travellers. Here are a few things to consider first before you start packing for a holiday.

  • What country, region or area are you going to?
  • What is the weather going to be?
  • What activities are you going to be doing?
  • What type of accommodation and check what facilities they have?
  • What transport? Are you driving, flying etc.

travel packing tips

Travel Packing Tips For Your Luggage

These travel tips for packing luggage will give you many ideas for your next holiday.

  • Pack lightly.
  • Only pack what you need and what you will use.
  • Put some thought into the clothes and shoes you are packing.
  • Use ziplock or sealable bags for small items.
  • Use all available small space.
  • Use correct size bag or suitcase.

Tips For How To Pack A Suitcase

These tips for packing a suitcase and suggestions will help you pack your suitcase more efficiently next time you are going on a holiday.

  • Lay out all your clothing, shoes etc. that you are packing.
  • Remember to include medications, toiletry bag, camera or video camera, phone, ipod etc.
  • Pack the bigger or heavy items into the suitcase or travel bag first.
  • Clothing like jeans, pants or skirts can go in next, fold them in half or thirds.
  • Small items like shorts and Tshirts can be packed next, fold them long ways then roll up.
  • Keep toiletries and make up etc in one or several separate resealable bags just in case a leakage occurs.
  • When going on a flight there is a small chance your luggage may get temporarily lost. Put a spare set of clothes in your carryon luggage and always keep your documents with you.
  • Using a bag, back pack or suit case with wheels with save you from carrying it most of the time.

Packing lighter For Easier Travelling

Knowing how to pack light has many advantages, packing a suitcase will be much easier to carry and you will be better organised.

  • Make a checklist of your necessary items and stick to it.
  • Take clothes that co-ordinate together well, so you can make many combinations for all occasions, add accessories.
  • Limit your shoe choice to 2 or 3 pairs.
  • Use travel friendly fabrics so minimal or no ironing is required.
  • If you want to buy souvenirs etc that you can't carry, post them back to your home or a friend or family member.
  • Instead of carrying several travel books, try to take one small book and photocopied pages of necessary information from other travel books etc.

Travel Packing Tips For Air Travel

Flying is a convenient and quicker way to travel, so using these air travel packing tips will help make your flight more enjoyable.

  • You are usually allowed to have one 'carry on' bag in addition to a laptop computer, handbag or camera bag etc.
  • Only very small amounts of liquid, gels etc are allowed unless it is an approved for medical reasons.
  • Do not take on board any sharp objects, if you have any declare them when going through security.
  • Clearly label all your luggage and add something bright or distinctive to your luggage so it will be easily identified.
  • Don't over pack your suitcase or bag it may burst a zip.
  • Be aware of the weight of your luggage, so your luggage is not over the excess weight limit allowed and then you will have to pay extra.

travel packing tips

Backpacking Guide For Backpack Packing

When you are planning a backpacking trip there are many things you will want to pack, but you have limited room in your backpack.

These travel packing tips are for everyone, but are especially good for starting information for first time backpackers.

  • Choose a backpack that is comfortable and suits you and the amount you will be carrying.
  • Carry a small day pack with you, as you maybe able to lock your large backpack in a safe place and go for a day trip.
  • Pack clothes that will suit most occasions as you will have very limited packing space.
  • Keep your documents very safe so they can't be stolen or left behind accidentally.
  • Pack things in the bottom that are not needed daily so you are not pulling everything out very often.
  • Most equipment can be bought in lightweight and compact sizes like sleeping bags, travel towel, torches, mini travel guide book, waterproof poncho, digital cameras, mobile phones, Ipods or MP3 player etc.

Travel Packing Tips For Your Recreational Vehicle

Prepare for a road trip of a life time with these RV packing tips.

  • Make several checklists - One for what to pack, preparing your vehicle, and what to when setting up and packing up camp.
  • Most likely you will have limited space for clothes like a small wardrobe and a set of drawers, so co-ordinate your clothes for all occasions.
  • Keep the pantry stocked with unperishable food like tinned and packet products and buy fresh when you can.
  • Use non slip rubber mats for shelving to prevent breakables from sliding. Bubble wrap around articles may save some breakages.
  • Where possible cut down on how much weight you are carrying and if possible keep heavy items as low as possible near floor level so your vehicle is not top heavy.
  • Keep appropriate spares and repair tools ready to use

  • Travel Packing Tips For A Cruise

    Working out what to pack for your cruise can be one of the hardest parts of planning, these cruise packing tips will help get you started.

    • Find out how much luggage you can take on board.
    • Study your itinerary to work out what activities you will be doing.
    • Pack appropriate casual and comfortable clothing.
    • Try to pack clothes that you can mix and match for different occasions.
    • Most likely it will be sunny so take a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen.
    • Don't over do the packing, cruise ships have many shops so you will be able to buy more clothes if necessary or if you want too.

    travel packing tips

    Outdoor Camping Tips For Packing Your Gear

    Use these best camping tips to get organised for your next camping trip or holiday and have a great outdoor adventure.

    • Pack clothing for the weather that is expected where you are going.
    • Pack bedding for everyone eg. mattresses, sleeping and pillows.
    • Keep food refrigerated if necessary and store dry food in large plastic boxes or crates.
    • Take road maps and guides, compass and GPS if required.
    • Make sure your vehicle, camping equipment, tent, campervan, etc. is in good order before you leave home.
    • Try not to pack too much, only pack what is needed.

    To learn more about being organised and packing lightly visit www.onebag.com which has an extensive amount of information that will help every traveller.

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