Useful Travel Photography Tips And Uses When Travelling Australia

These travel photography tips and practical uses are about taking photos with your digital camera of practical things.

Of course taking memorable, funny and stunning photos with your digital camera is always a very important part of holidays and travelling.

Your digital camera can be more than just a travel tool for taking landscapes, it can help you to remember and record important documents, valuables, receipts and locations.
These travel photography tips give you many suggestions that may assist you when holidaying in Australia.

  • Copy Documents - When we travel we always have plenty of pieces of paper documents like receipts, an itinerary, passport, travel insurance, flight or tour info. To lose any of this important information could be devastating or at least a big nuisance. If you take a photo of each document you will at least have a copy on your camera.
  • Event Reminder - While you are holidays you may see posters or fliers of an event you would like to attend, take a photo to remind you when and where it is going to be.
  • Familiar Faces - If you plan to be away from home and your family, friends or pets for awhile have happy snaps of all your favourite things that make you smile.
  • Save It For Later - When you are shopping you may see something you want to buy like a book but it is inconvenient to purchase it at the time, take a photo and buy it when you get home.
  • Car or Camper Hire - If you are hiring a car or camper take photos from all angles before you drive off to prove its condition later if necessary.
  • Remember New Ideas - If you are interested in hobbies like gardening, art, craft, woodwork etc you will probably on the lookout for new craft ideas, different plants or garden designs. If you find something interesting take a photo to remember it for when you go home.
  • Don't get Lost - Take photos of road maps, street, subway or event maps so you can refer to it easily to find your way around.
  • Save Diary Info - One of my favourite travel photography tips is if you are keeping a written diary or online blog or website. You will find it very useful to take photos of signs, tourist and history information boards, buildings and special tourist locations. So you can remember all those small but important details.
  • Where Is My Car? - If you are parking your car or a hire car in a huge or unfamiliar car park take a photo of its position to make it easy to find it again.
  • Keep For Later - If you find an interesting article or recipe in a magazine or newspaper take a photo of it. Maybe you had a delicious meal at a restaurant and want to remake it at home, take a happy snap of it.
  • Just In Case! - If you are going on a flight take a photo of your luggage just in case it gets misplaced.
  • Reward Offered - An excellent travel photography tip is that cameras occasionally get lost or stolen. Just in case this happens write a 'Reward' poster with large text and take a photo of it. Include your email or mobile phone number and amount of reward offered. Leave this file on your camera, hopefully it will never be needed!
  • Where Am I Staying? - Take a photo of your accommodation just in case you forget the address, so you can show a Taxi driver where to go.
  • Don't Be In The Dark - Your digital camera can be an emergency light, a light coloured photo will show some light or take a photo of a white wall or paper.

These travel photography tips show there are many great practical ways to use your digital camera.

Of course in between using your digital camera for practical uses you can take stunning pictures of Australia like these.

travel photography tips lake argyle kimberley northern territory australia

This photo was taken while we were enjoying a sunset cruise on Lake Argyle in the Kimberley Northern Territory

travel photography tips murray river red gums australia

This amazing photo was taken with my digital camera at sunset of the River Red Gums that line the Murray River, while we holidayed on a houseboat for a week

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