Are You Preparing for a Travel Holiday in Australia?

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'Your Guide To Travelling Australia'
Ebook Is Absolutely Unique

ALL the information you need for an unforgettable driving, camping and travel adventure holiday in Australia!

You will save valuable time because I have already done all the planning and preparation research for you.

'Your Guide To Travelling Australia' is SO 'unique' there is not a website or book anywhere else that will give you all this information so easily and quickly.

This Guide Will Save You Time!

  • Now You Can Actually Enjoy Planning your Holiday.
    You will no longer need to search through many websites and books to find little bits of relevant information.
  • Planning & Preparing Will Be Simpler.
    I created this Guide to make planning your holiday and learning about travelling Australia so much easier for you.
  • Our Own Travelling Australia Experiences.
    Have shown us how amazing Australia is and we would love to share our 'unforgettable' travel journeys, itineraries, experiences, images and stories with you.
  • Learn From Other Travellers Experiences.
    Links to many travellers’ stories are included so you can read first-hand accounts of other people’s travelling, 4WD-ing and camping adventures.
  • Always Up-To-Date Information!
    The travel tips Ebook is completely current when you buy it. If any information changes over time, I will update it.

Many Questions Like These Will Be Answered

  • How do I start to plan a holiday? Page 8
  • How long does it take to drive around Australia? Page 20
  • I only have 4 weeks – how far can I travel? Page 22
  • When is the best time to travel different parts of Australia? Page 27
  • What are Australia's most popular destinations? Page 49
  • How do I travel and holiday on a low budget? Page 57
  • What do I pack and how can I avoid getting stressed when packing for a holiday? Page 62
  • Should I take my kids out of school? Page 93
  • I am from overseas and I want to see Australia. Where do I start? Page 109

Who Is This Road Trip Planning Guide For?

  • Beginners & experienced travellers.
  • Australians who want to travel other parts of the country.
  • International Visitors wanting to see Australia using a rental vehicle.
  • Anyone who wants to have an amazing Aussie Adventure Holiday in the Great Outdoors.

    Whether it is a short holiday for a few weeks, several months or a longer 'unforgettable' Big Trip.

Benefit From First-Hand Experience

Our travelling experiences have taken us to many beautiful destinations in Australia and I am so exciting that I can share my famillies 'road trip' experiences with you.

Travelling Australia is 'truly' an amazing experience, I am sure everyone of all ages will really stunned by the unique beauty and love it as much as we do!

The research has been done for you, which will help you get started on your way to having your best 'Aussie adventure.

All the infomation and tips have been collected from all the 'Awesome' experiences we have enjoyed while travelling.

travel tips ebook road map australia free camping driving holiday

Your Guide To Travelling Australia starts with the basics and works through each stage of planning, preparation, choices of accommodation, what to do while you are travelling.

So you can Really enjoy this Great Outdoor Adventure Experience.

You’ll get 125 pages of valuable information about travelling in or around Australia alone, with your partner, family or friends.

We will help you to make sure your children will love their Aussie road trip or holiday as well.

Topics Covered In This Guide

Your Guide To Travelling Australia is divided into many chapters and sections so you can easily find the information you need.

For example:

  • How to start the initial planning.
  • Start to plan and organise your itinerary.
  • What different types of accommodation are available.
  • How to find specific information about your vehicle, camper, equipment etc.
  • Learn about booking and comparing prices on the internet.
  • Tips for coping better when taking your children travelling.


  • Stress less when packing and preparing.
  • Suggestions for how and what to pack.
  • Tips to remember those ‘must have’ items you need to pack.
  • Includes many checklists for you to view and print.
  • Read other travellers’ stories and learn about their real travelling experiences.


  • How big is Australia?
  • How long does it take to travel around Australia?
  • Suggesions for shorter trips.
  • When are the best times to travel different regions of Australia?
  • Inspiration list of different destinations and experiences.
  • Tips for travelling on a budget.
  • Tips for preparing your vehicle, camper, equipment.


  • Finding and leaving your campground or accommodation.
  • Taking photos and recording your holiday.
  • Car and driving travel tips.
  • Tips for taking your dog or other pets travelling.
  • Making new friends while travelling.

australia travel tips ebook driving australia free camping

No Risk 100% Money Back Guarantee

Useful Tips and Travel Tools Are Included

  • Website Links - Get more information by simply clicking on links within the Ebook directly to relevant pages.
  • Useful Checklists - Many checklists are provided for your convenience. For example checklists for what to pack, food to take, camp kitchen equipment. RV towing, 4WD-ing, which you can print out and use every time you go camping or travelling.
  • Maps & Photos - These maps and images will help you imagine your holiday, plan your trip and get you in to the holiday spirit.
  • Tips for Travelling with Kids - Taking kids on holidays takes extra organising. Many tips are included to help you and your kids to get ready for an amazing holiday.
  • Also included is special information for International Visitors.
And Much More!

Get Your Guide To Travelling Australia!


It will make your next holiday so much easier!

You will also get A Bonus Camping Book for FREE

travel tips ebook australia holiday camping

Over 60 pages of Camping Information

Most travellers when holidaying in Australia will camp in some way using tents, a camper trailer, caravan or an RV.

This 'All About Camping' ebook works perfectly with 'Your Guide To Travelling Australia' to give you an extra boost of useful camping information when travelling anywhere in Australia.

Includes - Different ways to go camping, planning, equipment, getting ready, setting up camp, many pages of camping tips, information about camping with kids, camp cooking and much more.

Valued at $15 – Yours FREE!

"I am in the very early days of researching for our familys 3 month road trip next year and your information is exactly what I need to get started.

Thanks Nicole

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Here is what you will receive for your money.

  • Within minutes you will have your 125 page copy of
    Your Guide To Travelling Australia ebook.
  • You will also receive a FREE Camping Ebook to keep and use forever.
  • This Road Trip Planning Guide is SO unique you will not find anything like it on the internet or in a bookshop.
  • You will receive hundreds of tips, suggestions, ideas, website links and so much more bundled into one book.
  • All this information will save you 'precious' time and 'unwanted' frustration as you don't have to do the research yourself.
  • A 100% unconditional 12 month money-back guarantee!

"I have found your checklists especially helpful and I am glad you have taken the time to put this book together.

We are yet to embark on our travels but not long now we are heading off on the 3 June – with our two girls who are 10 & 8,
up the Centre of Australia and back down the West Coast.
We will be away for approx. 3mths.

So we are madly getting things together ready for the big haul.

Thanks so much. Regards Jodie

Your Guide To Travelling Australia
is absolutely unique.

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You won’t find a more comprehensive 'Planning To Travel Australia' book anywhere else on the Internet or in a Bookshop.

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100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - I am sure this ebook will be a great help to you while planning your holiday. If any time within 12 months from purchase you are not happy with the ebook, contact me and you will receive a full refund with no questions asked.

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Start Planning Your Own Aussie Holiday with 'Your Guide To Travelling Australia' which is Absolutely Unique.

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If you have any queries, please don't hesitate to Contact Us.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about the travel tips ebook, holiday planning, destinations, attractions etc.

Best Wishes for many amazing Aussie holidays. Regards Tina

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