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Using these travel tips for packing luggage will help you decide what to take with you and how to pack your suitcase or bag when travelling Australia or elsewhere.

You will find that you will pack differently if you are going on a flight compared to travelling in a car, or going back packing compared to staying at a holiday house for several weeks.

It makes a big difference what type of holiday and what transport you are taking.

Packing Light – Packing lightly will be a challenge, limit your luggage to a small suitcase or zip up luggage bag, a back pack and another small bag if necesaary.

If you can carry your own luggage it will be easier for you. To make this easier most suitcases and some backpacks have wheels.

Plan What To Pack – Co ordinate your clothes with matching colour and style combinations, take only the shoes you will need. Before you leave check out the weather forecast and plan your clothes to suit. Use and take clothes with easy care material so they will get crushed less and won't require ironing.

Ziplock Bags are very Useful – Make packing much easier and more organised by using resealable bags. Place toiletries that may leak in a resealble bag. Socks and underwear can be kept together in the resealable bags, very large resealable bags or plastic or other waterproof bags can be used for towels that maybe wet, shoes etc.

Make the most Spare Spaces – Rolling your shirts, skirts, shorts, jeans, jumpers etc. will help prevent wrinkles and more clothing will fit in your luggage bag or suitcase. Pack the heaviest items on bottom layer of the suitcase or luggage bag and use any spare space like inside shoes.

Using the Right Size Suitcase – Using a suitcase that is the right size will avoid you having to squeeze your clothes in or you will avoid having too much space and your clothing will be moving around loosely.

Organise What you will need First – Think about what you are going to need first when you arrive at your destination and pack them on top for convenience.

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