Travel Within Australia And Enjoy
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Are you dreaming of holidaying and
travel within Australia?

When your dream comes true and you start planning, you may not realise how far it is and how long it will take. Especially if you are planning to do the 'Big Lap' and driving around Australia.

To drive around Australia and through the centre is approximately 20,000 kilometres on the main highways and roads and allowing for some side tracking.Allow at least six months, even better would be 7 to 9 months or 12 months or longer.

If you don't have the time available to do the full lap of Australia, the next best option is do a road trip in smaller sections. For example travel around a state or several states or drive along the east coast, or the Outback etc.

camping accommodation australia

Start with planning your itinerary, use a map of Australia, a state, territory or region that you are interested in travelling in or going to. If you have a destination in mind already that makes it easier, if you haven't look at various destination options that may work for you.

Add up the kilometres you would be travelling and work out how long you would like to stay at each town or destination.

Adjust the itinerary until it is right for the length of time that you have to travel which maybe a week or a month or more.

To estinate the cost of the petrol or diesel you will need and the total expense, multiply the total number of kilometres to be driven by the number of litres your vehicle will use per kilometre driven. Then multiply your answer by an estimate of the price per litre of fuel. In Outback or remote areas the fuel will be more expensive.

Accommodation can be cheap or expensive, because there are so many options. Camping at campgrounds is very cheap, cabins are a bit more, hotels, motels, resorts vary a lot in quality so the price could be about $50 to hundreds of dollars per night.

Camping at National Parks is usually very cheap, usually about $10 per night for a family. There are also hundreds of free campsites in every state and territory that have minimal amenities.

camping accommodation australia

How much your meals cost does depend on how much you cook yourself or go to restaurants and cafes etc. Overall you may spend a bit more than you would at home.

While you are away from home remember you may still have accounts to pay for electricity, bank payments etc.

While you are on your holiday or road trip your main expenese will be fuel, accommodation, food and extra things like tours, attractions, activities, souvenirs, repairs and replacements of broken equipment.

Travel within Australia by driving on road trips is an exciting experience and adventure, my family have done a few exciting road trips and always look forward to the next road trip or holiday in beautiful Australia.

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