Camping And Travelling With Kids Tips
For Your Adventure Family Holiday

These travelling with kids tips will help your kids enjoy their holiday even more. All kids love to adventure, play and explore new places so going camping and travelling Australia is perfect.

They learn much more about Australia as they can see it, have amazing experiences and see many new places. Some they would of heard about and others will be a surprise.

These travelling with kids tips will help you get all your children involved in as much as possible whatever age they are.

They can be a big help most of the time when you are setting up your accommodation or camp, give them a task to do that is suitable for their age so they feel useful.

Show and encourage your kids that travelling, holidaying, exploring and camping is fun.

Travelling With Your Kids Tips

  • Get everyone involved as much as possible, depending on your kids age as to what they are capable of doing.
  • In the car the kids can have a road map so they see where they are and how far to go, older ones can workout the kilometres travelled, fuel used etc.
  • If things go a bit wrong go, like getting a bit lost finding your accommodation, think of it as exploring the area. Go with the flow and work it out, be very flexible with your itinerary.
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  • Decide together what places to visit, an option is to let each person pick a special place each they would like to visit.
  • Take them shopping – let them choose a favourite food, clothes or camping gear etc.
  • If you are new to camping, have a test run and setup the tent in backyard and sleep in it for a night or two.
  • If they haven’t used sleeping bags before, try them out at home first.
  • Show your kids how to setup the tent and give them each a job to do.
  • Try some cooking on the campfire and teach them about safety around the campfire and equipment.
  • Listen to the night sounds especially animal sounds.
  • Remember to take any special toys, books, food, medication etc.
  • Choose holiday or camping activities to do – kids are always adventurous, they will also find plenty of things to do themselves.
  • Show them how to respect their surroundings where you are staying, when going for walks, visiting natural attractions and all other attractions.
  • Kids love helping with things such as setting up their own bed, cooking, collecting firewood, hammering tent pegs, filling water containers, etc.
  • Take some card games, puzzles, books, ball games with you, mostly they will find their own fun especially if there is other kids nearby.
  • Another holidaying and travel with kids tip is they love taking photos so let them take a few to keep. Maybe get them a photo album of their own that they can add photos to and collect them from each camping or holiday trip. They will love to look back at it years later.


Kids enjoying the water slide at Berry Springs NT

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These Holidaying, Camping and Travelling With Kids Tips will help you have a great holiday and create many family memories to treasure.

Australia has thousands of places, activities and experiences for you to visit and enjoy so visit the great outdoors as often as you can.

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