Ayers Rock Uluru Australia Is a 'Huge' Tourist Attraction In Australia

Uluru Australia in Central Australia is also quite often called Ayers Rock. It has been one place that I have been fascinated by for many years and I finally got there....

'Breathtaking and Stunning'

We camped at the Ayers Rock Resort the night before and left early to beat the afternoon heat. Driving towards Uluru was so amazing for about fifteen minutes Uluru got bigger as the road twisted and turned.

We got very close and people were climbing up the side, many tourists were there already and they were climbing or admiring the special view.

It is amazingly HUGE.

Climbing Uluru is allowed but of course optional, many visitors choose not to and walk around the base or a section of it.

You have probably seen a variety of landscape images of Uluru in all it's glory that show how mesmirising and special Uluru 'really' is.

A close up look at Uluru Australia shows how much the wind and rain have washed the stone away especially across the top where gutters have formed from the run off water.

Some of the deepest gutters would be nearly a metre deep which you have to climb up and down to get to the centre of the top.

These pictures of Uluru show many more close up views of Uluru and the surrounding area.

uluru australia aerial view ayers rock

View from a charter flight when Uluru is shining bright red

"Charter flights can be taken to get a whole new view of Uluru and the surrounding area. Usually the flight will fly over the Olgas - Kata Tjuta as well which will be very different to Uluru as it has a large cluster of rock domes. You can walk amongst the rock domes when you visit.

A charter flight over Uluru and the Olgas would be a very special holiday highlight, remember the camera so you keep the images forever."

Uluru Ayers Rock Facts

  • Uluru is 335 kilometres (208 miles) south west of Alice Springs.
  • Uluru stands at 348 metres above sea level and there is even more of it that can't be seen below ground level.
  • Uluru is famous for its changeable appearance with the different weather conditions.
  • Many visitors watch the amazing colour changes at sunrise and sunset from the viewing platform.
  • Uluru is an 'inselberg', which means an isolated rock or mountain left after the slow erosion of an original mountain range.
  • In 1873 William Gosse discovered the landmark and named 'Ayers Rock' after Sir Henry Ayers.
  • The local aboriginal Pitjantjatjara people called the landmark 'Uluru'.
  • In 1993 the official name was declared as Ayers Rock/Uluru, but by request from the local Tourism Assoc. the official name was changed to Uluru Ayers Rock in 2002.

uluru australia view ayers rock

My first photo of Uluru as we were driving towards the huge rock

"Climbing the rock is allowed and is a personal choice whether you do or not. You don't need to climb it to appreciate how special and unique it is.

Uluru Ayers Rock can have many appearances during the year and seasons depending on the weather conditions, when the sun is shining it is bright orange, golden or red especially at sunrise or sunset. When it is misty, raining or stormy Uluru can change to a brown or grey colour which is a huge contrast to the bright colouring."

Uluru Ayers Rock Map

This map shows Uluru Ayers Rock and the surrounding area including the walking track, car park, sealed road etc.

uluru australia aerial map ayers rock

This Uluru Australia map below is not to scale but it gives a general layout of the Uluru Ayers Rock area.

Below the map are the distances from Ayers Rock Resort to the Ayers Rock Airport, Uluru Ayers Rock, Kings Canyon, Alice Springs, Kjata Tuta Olgas, Lake Amadeus and Mount Conner.

uluru australia aerial map ayers rock

This list shows the distances from Ayers Rock Resort to the surrounding attractions or locations.

  • Ayers Rock Airport is a 6 kilometre drive.
  • Uluru Ayers Rock is a 16 kilometre drive.
  • Lake Amadeus is a 50 kilometre drive.
  • Kata Tjuta/Olgas is a 55 kilometre drive.
  • Mount Conner is a 100 kilometre drive.
  • Kings Canyon is a 315 kilometre drive.
  • Alice Springs is a 465 kilometre drive.

Ayers Rock Hotels

The closest accommodation to Uluru Australia is the Resort at Yulara. The Ayers Rock Resort has a variety of types of accommodation, ranging from unpowered camping to the luxurious apartment and hotel rooms.

The location of the Ayers Rock Resort is on the map above. It is in a perfect location for visiting Uluru and the Olgas and other tourist attractions in the area.

uluru australia ayers rock resort hotel

Stunning twilight photo of the Desert Garden Hotel
Ayers Rock Resort

"We camped at Ayers Rock Resort in the unpowered campsites as we were tent camping on our road trip.

If you are looking for more comforts the resort has six levels of accommodation from campsites and cabins, apartments, to the luxurious hotel with everything you could need or want."

Flights to Ayers Rock

Both Qantas and Virgin Blue fly to Uluru (Ayers Rock Airport).

uluru australia aerial flights to ayers rock map

Distances and Approximate flight times

  • From Cairns 1785 kilometres - 3 hours.
  • From Brisbane 2185 kilometres - 3 hours.
  • From Sydney 2139 kilometres - 3 hours.
  • From Melbourne 1935 kilometres - 3 hours.
  • From Adelaide 1265 kilometres 2 1/2 hours.
  • From Perth 1674 kilometres - 3 hours.
  • From Broome 1250 kilometres - 2 1/2 hours.
  • From Darwin 1420 kilometres - 2 1/2 hours.
  • Alice Springs to Ayers Rock Airport - 1/2 hour.

To Climb or Not To Climb Uluru Ayers Rock?

When we were driving out to Uluru Australia from the Ayers Rock Resort Campground we could see it for at least 15 minutes, it felt like much longer, getting larger every minute.

When we got closer it looked like there were ants climbing over it, of course they were people.

uluru australia ayers rock

People starting to climb the chain to get to the top of Uluru

If you take a guided tour and you will get a better understanding of Uluru Australia and appreciate the whole experience even more.

We climbed Uluru Australia and it was not easy at all, the climb to the centre of the top takes about 90 minutes and climbing down takes about 60 minutes.

Walking around the base which is about eight kilometres, takes about 2 hours, which was also very interesting and worth while.

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