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You will need an Australia tourist visa when you are visiting Australia for a vacation. There are other types of visas if you are coming to Australia for a different reason including if you intend to work while on vacation, to study, are skilled or plan to migrate.

For example if you are coming to Australia to work while you are holidaying then you will need a Working Holiday Visa.

How Exciting!
You are going to love visiting and experiencing Australia on your vacation.

Australia is a large country of beauty, diversity, culture and history that blends into being a unique mix of exciting adventure, scenic wonders, stunning road trips, intriguing wildlife and so much more for you to explore and discover when visiting Australia.

About Travel To Australia Visas

A Tourist Holiday Visa is for visitors who wish to have a vacation in Australia for a short term, this may include visiting family members.

Working Holiday Visa - Working while vacationing in Australia is a dream come true for many visitors to Australia. This visa encourages visitors of the age eighteen to thirty year olds to find short term employment as they Travel in Australia.

Student Visa - If you are looking to further your studies in an Australian University the Student Visa will allow you to come to Australia and continue your studies.

Skilled Visa - If you are a skilled worker in your country, Australia may require your skills if their is a shortage of labour for that particular type employment.

There are more Australia Traval Visa options, the best place to start is at the home page of the Australia Government website

Visa First - also have detailed Visa information and will assist you get the Visa you require to visit Australia.

map of australia highways roads

Map of Australia Highways and cities and major towns

"Australia's highways and major roads allow you to easily drive and see the major cities, towns and tourist attractions. When you are visiting Australia you may like to go on a road trip.

There are many recognised road trip ideas like the 'Explorers Way' which is also the Stuart Highway where you travel from Adelaide in the south, through Central Australia to Darwin in the North.
Visitors Information

Another road trip adventure travels across the 'Top End' is called the 'Savannah Way' road trip which travels from Broome on the west coast, through Katherine to Cairns on the east coast."
Visitors Information

Visiting Australia

When you fly into Australia you will most likely arrive at the Sydney or Melbourne Airports. It may be easier for you if you have your first night or two accommodation organised before arrival. Including transfers for you and your luggage to be delivered to your hotel, backpackers accommodation etc when you are visiting Australia.

Of course this depends on what you have planned, you may have a bus tour organised, staying with and being picked by someone you know or flying straight to another destination in Australia.

Australia has many regions, destinations and reasons why you will enjoy exploring and discovering everything that Australia has to offer all visitors. Here are a few of them that will interest you.
Enjoy Your Holidays In Australia And Visit Unique Attractions

About Australia

Australia caters for all types of visitors with a huge variety of accommodation from camping in Australia to five star quality hotels and resorts.

You can self drive in your own car or a hire car or motorhome to stunning locations or travel by bus and go around Australia or criss cross the country in a way that suits you. You can also travel by many ways like train or rail between the cities and major towns.
Travel Within Australia And Enjoy Your Holiday Adventures

Australia has thousands of attractions, experiences and things to do, the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Sydney Opera House, Uluru and the Great Barrier Reef have to be Austrlia's most famous tourist destinations. They of course do deserve that title as they are all exciting and stunning to see when visiting Australia.
Australia Tourist Attractions Plan Your Best Ever Holiday

Tourism Australia - About Australia's Cities

uluru ayers rock central australia

Uluru Ayers Rock in Central Australia

" Uluru Ayers Rock is one of Australia's favourite and famous natural attractions that has been visited by many thousands of people who have been amazed by the sheer size of the 'red rock' and it's uniqueness.

Central Australia has many other natural attractions like Kata Tjuta also called 'the Olgas' which is a cluster of many huge rock domes. It is a short drive away from Uluru and just as stunning in a different way.

A charter flight over both will give you a spectacular view that is very different to the view from the ground. A charter flight could easily be your holiday highlight while you are visiting Australia."
Visitors Information

Australia Travel Resources

Where ever you travel you will need a map to be able to get to each destination and then find extra infomation like where is your accommodation, the shops, attractions etc.

Maps for travelling are made in many formats, like paper folded maps, basic tourism maps for a town or area, atlas books that have all the maps of Australia, a state or territory. You may prefer maps you can use online with your computer or mobile - cell phone like Google maps which are very easy to use and convenient.
Use Travel Maps Of Australia To Plan Your Best Adventure Holiday

If you have a smartphone like an iphone or similiar there are plenty of free apps that can be downloaded from itunes which will be very useful while you are visiting Australia.

Tourism Australia and each state or territory provide free apps for travel information including maps, lists of attractions, accommodation, things to see and do etc.

Australia Travel Tips and Facts

When visiting Australia you will need to be familiar with Australia's currency, it is in dollars and we have colourful plastic notes valued for $5, $10, $20, $50, $100 and coins for 5, 10, 20, 50 cents and $1, $2.

Australia's taxes are included in the price quoted on price tag or price list, no extra surprises are added at the checkout. 'Tips' are not expected when having a restaurant meal but will be appreciated if you were very pleased with your meal and the service provided.

Free or WiFi internet is usually available at libraries and some cafes, hotels and McDonalds cafes. Most towns will have internet cafes that will charge a small fee for each 15 or 30 minutes.

Australian's drive on the left side of the road, speed on the highways and freeways is usually 100 to 110 kilometres per hour and in towns is usually 50 to 70 kilometres per hour.
Main Traffic And Road Rules In Australia

Most cities have a tourist bus that constantly travels around the city during the day on the same route so that you can get on and off as you please, sometimes called a 'hop on hop off' tour bus.
About Australia Travel Facts And Tips For Planning Your Adventure Holiday

cute seal pup kangaroo island south australia

Very cute seal pup on Kangaroo Island in South Australia

"Kangaroo Island is near Adelaide and just off the southern coast, flights are available from Adelaide, a ferry leaves from Cape Jervis on the mainland. Get your camera ready to take some stunning photos of Kangaroo island's attractions like Seal Bay, Remarkable Rocks and Kelly Hill Caves just to name a few.

Kangaroo Island is well known for being a holidayers paradise for a natural adventure with beautiful scenery, native animals and marine life, the finest local produce, many recreational activities to keep everyone busy while you are visiting Australia."
Visitors Information

Australia Wildlife

Australia has very unique wildlife and most species are native to Australia like the kangaroo, koala, wallaby, platypus, echidna, potaroo, dingo, emu, tassie devil and so many more.

Australia's native animals and birds can all be found in their natural habitat in Australia somewhere. Rather than searching for them it may be easier to see them at a wildlife park or a zoo which are in all states and territories of Australia.

Another way to see them is go on a tour with a guide who will tell you every thing about them, you maybe be able to ask questions. If you are lucky you may be able to have a cuddle and a photo taken if it a cuddly type of animal otherwise stand back and admire from a safe distance.

Visiting Australia Zoo in Queensland
Visit Taronga and Dubbo Zoo New South Wales

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